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emailing kanji kana problem


13 Aug 2003
Hi, sorry for the rather boring question. I hope someone can help.

For some reason, I can write kanji kana on my computer and get the stuff correctly on Japanese websites as well, but I cant email it (using, for example, a service like Yahoo), I can write to them in the mail, but the recipient doesn't get them correctly. I tried it myself and sent an email with kanji and kana to myself and got only question marks in place of the symbols. The confusing thing is that I can read Japanese websites and such normal, so I have the symbol stuff installed. I can't receive any emails in Japanese from other people either. It would be great if someone knows a solution, and sorry again for the often asked question.
The most workable solution I've found around this is simply to set up accounts compatible with the other person, Excite to Excite or Outlook to Outlook, for instance, although I wouldn't download anything that wasn't free. There is a also an excellent software fix available if you need it.
If you use a webmail system like Yahoo, try changing your language settings to Japanese and try it that way.
If you use a program like Outlook or Eudora, set your e-mail's character encoding to Japanese.

Hope it helps.
Well, I have these days two accounts. One at yahoo and one at another service. in the yahoo help files, I already found
"Yahoo! Mail does not currently support non-Roman characters, such as Chinese and Japanese. As a result, any messages that include these characters may appear unreadable." doh... that's not good. I wrote an email to the other account's support thing, but I don't think that supports it either.
Does anyone know an English/international email service that supports kanji/kana?
Well, as I said I use excite which seems to work fine just not from or to Outlook, and have done Japanese with hotmail and msn in the past so somewhat surprised to hear that about Yahoo.
I'm not familiar with Yahoo-style mail services in years, but if they accept HTML in their e-mails, maybe there is a way. Put this line of code between the <head> tags: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=EUC-JP">

A simpler solution might be to get a e-mail account at a Japanese site. Don't Yahoo.co.jp provides free e-mail accounts? I have some penpals that wrote me from a @yahoo.co.jp address.
I just set the language in the options area to 'japanese' and its ok, can send and receive japanese from anywhere
"Don't Yahoo.co.jp provides free e-mail accounts?"

"I just set the language in the options area to 'japanese' and its ok,"
good suggestion!
also setting japanese in the "languages" tabs in ie helps also (i think)
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