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27 Jan 2018
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(Aizawa is just a nickname, I'm no way near to be neither a nikkei! (heey, that'd be quite cool for someone who's a geek as me, by the way)).

Hello everyone, I don't know how to start. I'm, as you can see, from the southern country at the end of the eastern side of the planet, and I really love manga. It is my life since I was little, and if I were still a child my greatest dream of life is to publish a work on Jump magazine, for what I'm working hard!
Drawing is ninety nine percent of my human being and any other learning stuff such as nihon-go, bass, chuugoku-go and maths are fighting hard everyday to stuck themselves on my deep thoughts. (It can't be helped! I'm of the type who tries to cherish learning on life, but I just can't place in a side what I love so easily!).
I don't know when I decided I should visit Japan someday, but I actually put my efforts on learning nihon-go, culture and everything I could need to reach that country that's in my heart. I just can't die without touching that land with my own hands. (I'm not overvaluating it. It's just that it took half of myself).

I hope I can become an active member of this community, -although it's up to myself-, learn a lot and meet people and stuff. My nihon-go level is quite poor, I can apply some useful data to diary life such as asking and answering common stuff, bring easy spoken comments about something simple and quite of fully understand phrases by listening (some many nouns are missing). I'm also self-taught and have never done the JLPT (studying for it actually), so I couldn't really tell you how much I can handle at nihon-go.

That's all, sorry for taking it long. I like reading so, I'd be glad if you write me. And sorry for english only, but I'm a bit insecure about my nihon-go by now (By the way, I couldn't translate this whole thing I wrote).
Nice to meet you!

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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Welcome Aizawa ,glad you found us ! Except for certain parts of JREF , English is the most used language here and you seem to have that down pretty well. Hope you find enough interesting things here so you stay a while.


6 Mar 2003
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Welcome. Feel free to post samples of your art.
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