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Ello! ^_^


21 Apr 2003
Let's see.... I don't want to go with the usual, I'm new stuff.... Let me just say this. My name's Jen and I'm a girl and I live in the states. ^_^ Is that good enough? 🙂 God, the smilies are soo cute!

I must say that this forum has a nice setup. I've been to a few forums and this is one of the nicest that I've seen yet. I'm glad I registered! :giggle:
hiya jen, and welcome to the forum. yeah yeah these are some of the best smilies around 👍 have fun
Call me Scrooge but I find them annoying. I can't tell what half of them mean without checking the text. I wish there was a "convert to traditional smilies like :) ;) etc" option.

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