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Mad Bee Hatch
9 Aug 2003
Does anyone out there remember 'Elite' for the old BBC micro.
If you loved this game then I suggest you check out 'EVE' online.
Hhmmmm..... EVE.
Everything you ever wanted 'Elite' to be but with knobs on.
Link! Link! Link!

Elite was great, although i mostly played it's sequels Frontier and First Contact (i think it was titled). Bug ridden, but still great fun.
I loved Elite on the my PC when i was little!!! i think my pc was something like an 86 because we had it years before the 386+'s. It was ace! i used to play it every night when i got home from school in a hope i would see the really rare ships.. but i never did. :(

I really liked Frontier!! I had that on my Amiga 500 and it ran like a pregnant lady (hehe) ..it was very slooow. you could actually fly to a planet and go through the atmosphere and land in a city from what i can remember. it was great!! 🎈

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