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Elephant kashimashi


15 Mar 2002
Are there any fans of the band Elephant Kashimashi (ニ竪ニ椎槌稚ニ叩ニ停?愴暖ニ谷ニ歎ニ筑ニ歎)?

I have just heard 2 songs of them [ツ債。ツ渉ェ窶堙固椎ス窶堙娯?堙ヲ窶堋、窶堙云 and [窶「窶披?堙可青≫?堋ゥ窶堙ェ窶堙Ь ('koyoi no tsuki no youni' and 'kaze ni fukarete') and was pretty impressed with the male singer's voice.

also,can anyone please post the lyrics of the song [窶「窶披?堙可青≫?堋ゥ窶堙ェ窶堙Ь? (in Japanese or ro-maji). I have tried searching for it in vain. :-(

And what does kashimashi mean?

thanks ne.

I'm quite fond of this band, although i don't own any of their albums.

According to Freedict, Kashimashii translates to "noisy, boisterous".
I'm glad to find your thread,because I like Elephant Kashimashi so--- much!
I wonder if you see still this thread but anyway I post.
Really Miyamoto, Elephant Kashimashi's vocal has a great impressive voice.
And his lyrics are like his own diary..
Have you already find their CDs?
I want to write down the lyrics of "kaze ni fukarete"here for you but I think it's against the copyright.
If you can read Japanese, you will find many sites talking about them.
Or you can write me if you still want...
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