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Electricity and conversion adaptors


21 Feb 2003
Hi everyone...

I`ve just moved to Japan, armed with my handy Palm handheld computer. I love it to bits, but I`m worried that when the rechargable battery runs out, I`m going to be left with one useless bit of kit, as I won`t be able to charge it using my 240V charger unit!!!

Does anyone know where I can get an adaptor to change the charger from 240V to 110V????

I hope so!

Thanks 🙂
I've wondered about this too in case I was planning to carry certain eletronics.

I was wondering, is it wise to carry a (regular-sized) laptop to Japan (for personal reasons like daily logs, music, etc)?
Keiichi: A modern laptop should be no problem. The power supply is normally auto-switching. Since they're designed for travel, it would bit a bit dumb if they didn't work in other countries.

Joannna: You may find the same to be true of your palm, depending on its charger. Look for something that says AC 100-240V 50/60Hz either on the unit itself or in the manual. If you still have no luck there are a number of alternatives. You could try and get a step-up transformer from somewhere like Akihabara (if you're near Tokyo) - or a large electronics store like Laox or Bic Camera in your nearest city. Alternatively, if your Palm is reasonably new and by a major manufacturer, then there is likely to be an identical model for the Japanese market. You could most likely order a new replacement cradle/recharger and use it with your Palm.

Ah, thanks! So that's what that AC adapter thing's for. ^^'
I suppose that the two prong outlet cable should be compatible/fit with outlets in other countries right?
You learn something new everyday. :p
Be careful, only use it if the transformer says "universal voltage" or it could "melt" because of the current.
thanks guys.

After I wrote my message I got home and noticed the charger does have the 110V - 240V on it, so it was cool... stupid me for assuming it wouldn`t!

The other problem is that the charger for my Sony MD player isn`t quite so clever and certainly doesn`t work. It`s for a rechargeable NiCd (?) battery so is a bit different. I guess I should try and track down an equivalent here though, I`m sure Japan knows what to do when it comes to techie stuff!
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