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Einen wunderschonen guten Tag!


19 Sep 2003
This is German... I am a young german female of 21 years who is located in Braunschweig, which is in the North of Germany, I study biology, and I'll start my 3rd year soon.
I like reading, writing snail mail, soccer and travelling. Travelling is the reason I subscribe to this forum.
I want to travel to Japan next summer (Aug/Sep 2004), and I want to deal with some of you. I am looking for young people who want to get to know me and stay at yours for one or two nights. I don't want to be a bug, so I want to give you something back. I would also be glad to give you a place to stay if you're in Germany.
I want to travel through the whole of Japan, so it doesn't matter where you live but maybe close to JR Rail station. I want to get to know the country and the people too, that's why I am searching for some hosts.
I am also looking for a girl/boy my age who want to travel with me for those who are not located in Japan. You don't have to be from Germany, but I think it would be great to share the feelings and the hours on the train with someone.
Thanks for reading, and have a nice day
Hallo und Willkommen viola. It sounds like a fun trip you're going on. I wish you the best of luck finding hosts. Enjoy the forum. Später!
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