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Ehoba no shounin desu ka?

16 Jul 2003
That would be too cool if I could find a Jehovah's witness in Japan. I've been a fan of Japan since I was 10 or so, and now five years later, I became a Jehovah's witness. I know it wouldn't be too hard to find a Japanese JW since 1 out of 578 of the population is. Oh well, it's worth trying.
hai--- Ehoba no shounin desu---!

Hi philupthetank86 Kyodai 🙂

I'm not Japanese though, a kiwi married to a Japanese, living in Japan.

If you're in Japan, you're welcome to come and visit!
well, I don't live in Japan, but I hope to move there sometime after I graduate. I want to move to a place that is cold all the time, like Hokkaido, to me, the summer means death and the winter means life, that philosophy just came to me after my usagichan died in the summer heat,
I don't know. I would just much rather die of freezing that die of heat. Plus, after watching the anime Saika no, I want to go to Hokkaido even more after seeing what it was like.
I've heard Hokkaido is rather like New Zealand so it must be beautiful ha ha! I plan to go there in winter - to the amazing ice festival (huge ice castles etc etc)😄

I live in the south of Kyushu - Kagoshima prefecture. It's kind of subtropical (palm trees etc) and soooo beautiful but VERY HOT-! It's 34。C every day and HUMID, but it will rise to about 39 next month. Summer lasts through to October I've heard.
The heat is pretty oppressive, but I prefer it to cold because I am 寒がり- (samugari) I always have cold feet! Sounds like you are 暑がり - atsugari! (person who likes it cold)

Perhaps, if you want Witness contacts in Hokkaido, I might be able to ask my friend who lived in Sapporo for a year......?
quite funny- when I was living in Japan, the Jehovah's witnesses once came to my door and asked me if I was interested in joining-when I said that I'm a roman catholic- it scared them off somehow...well "Veni ignem mittere in terram"!(Luk.12,49), I say...but still, they even had a church built in the Tohoku region, as I got to know: in some places, they are quite strong in japan...so not bad for you at all- philupthetank86...
Most people in Japan are very aware of any regional Jehovah's Witnesses. This is mainly because they don't take kindly to the missionary work where people come to their door to talk about it. I'm not saying this to put you down, but when you get to Japan, if there are any like-minded people in the area, someone will know where to find them (mainly because they try and avoid them). Good luck with the piano and German!
Yeah, I'm going to learn German in college. Some day, right now, I am learning the piano and doing pretty well. More importantly, I want to learn Japanese because I want to spend my post-high school years in Japan. I want to go to college in Japan ach. Plus also. when I learn Japanese completely, I can learn german through this website

I wish I could make contact with some of my brüder in japan.
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philupthetank86, you are quite an ambitious person. The advice I must give you is be reasonable in your expectations of what Japan will offer you. There are many great things then there is things you might learn the hard way.

Everything you think is common sense to you is not to them.
They have a different way of looking at things. I am just telling you from my experience of living here. It's great for the culture lesson and stimulating the mind but there are things you will experience that will surprise you. I wish you the best! 🙂 🙂
Dou desuka - if you wanted to learn about somebody you didn't know would you talk to that person's enemy or even someone who doesn't know them well? I guess it's reasonable to say no. That site you gave was obviously written by someone who didn't have all the facts or had something against Jehovah's Witnesses. I believe if we have questions about anything we should get it from the "horses' mouth" so to speak! ;)

I believe this is the official site

One other thing you said regarding Japanese people
Everything you think is common sense to you is not to them.
I don't quite agree with it, but perhaps you didn't mean it quite as it came out ;)
I just started reading the novel SHOGUN. It's very biased against Catholics. Well, I got to go to the funeral. I wonder why they call them that. Only Irish funerals are FUNerals. Oh, and uhh, there's a lot of vagueness and false truths apostates use in biased statements about Jehovah's witnesses. I've found away to find Jehovah's witnesses on the internet who are also anime freaks so that I won't be using the forum very often.
2 years later.
Yeah... I still haven't found very many...
The few that i did find ended up being my best friends.
one is getting married today, and the other one ended up being my soulmate (in other words. we like each other and have almost everything in common)
Still, I have yet to find many Japanese Jehovah's witnesses because I live in a small town, and in our county, I've only met one older woman at a convention.
I know one online, but he barely speaks English, and it's up to my 4~ years of self Japanese study to speak with him.
One of the main reasons I want to find Japanese Jehovah's witnesses is so I have a place to visit when I go to Japan, which is hopefully some time soon since I almost went last year.
Naruhodo. . .

Greetings from the Japan Alps, philupthetank86 san !!

That's some interesting information and posting you've put forward there. You mentioned in that first post that, what. . . you 'became' a JW (if you don't mind my using the initials here) after some time. . . say when you were 15 years old? Is that correct?

And I wonder; would that mean that you are not from a household where the parents or one of them belong to that denomination?

I would really wonder what it is that may have caused you to finally go to the point of baptism, and if you were into discussing such matters, what particular book you had studied in the process. Of course I would in all sincerity ask the same of neko_girl22, as well.

Anyway, since you are searching for leads into hopefully being able to locate and befriend some Japanese national who happens to also be a JW, I would suggest that you write a regular letter, in English, to the branch office in Ebina, asking them to help you. Please be sure to give the precise area in Japan you would hope to stay in, and they'll probably respond. Here's the address:

1271 Nakashinden, Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 243-04, Japan

I didn't check out that link given above, but will, and will comment on it. There is also, however, a number of discussions on religion in general that go on in the 'Serious Discussions' area; please feel free to join in, if you would like--although I am fully aware of what you have been lead to understand regarding such debates. Hope to talk with you later !! 🙂
why, thank you very, very, very much!
I'll do that (write a letter)
yeah, I'm the only one in my biological family.
it's a simple reason for me, "I have an open mind, and my parents do not."
I've not given up hope yet, though.

oh, I'm 19 years old now.

this is an ancient thread.
You're very welcome ! I'm pretty sure they can help out; just give them some time though.

Yes, I was surprized at why such an old thread had suddenly popped up, but since it had been you that had re-booted it up, I thought I'd just kind of jump in with the information--and since you want to come to Japan.

As far as what the Watch Tower Society of New York, Inc. publishes, there are many fine points of error ever so subtlely entertwined within those which are without error, and the average person is without the means to investigate those. I'm glad to hear that you consider yourself open-minded; that is such an important quality of mind. (inclusive of 'heart')

Although the Society, and those who take the lead do offer much in the way of Bible study, and there is much to be applauded there, some major 'loan-understandings' had crept in way back with Storrs, Russell, and a few others of that 'group'--even before the Earnest Bible Students got started.

I would be willing to discuss these with you, if you wish--not in the sense of making attempts to be negative without reason, or to necessarily 'de-rail' your 'faith', but to share information which Brooklyn refuses to clearly print. (although it has, over a large period of time, in spit sections provide insight into several of those points) Here, would not be the place to discuss that, but in the Serious Discussions area.

Again, I have no intent to decieve as many here on the forum who do know me can testify to. Hope to hear from you again ! See you !!🙂
About JHVAH WITNESSES would you really like to hear some TRUTH . My experience comes mostly from the USA , TEXAS , and FLORIDA .

As far. as the CHRISTIAN religion is concerned , WITH ALL OF ITS SHENANIGANS, it is probably better than most . But no KOOLAID ( donuts and coffee , cookies , etc ) , well actually when you really dive deep , you do find there really is some KOOL- AID you are REQUIRED to drink 🥤, oh yes there is , and this religion has the infamous FREEMASONS in it also . Some things I can not speak of on here . I was though part of its church jW . org from 1975 to 2000 .

Even the name of God as J-h-vah is wrong ( INCORRECT ) , do the math 2 + 2 = 5 NO it doesn’t . These people do not even care enough to have Gods name right ? ? ?

DAD always MR BAD GUY Williamfdraper protonmail

THANKS FOR MAKING THIS EASY TO POST , will follow up on this.

Today in the USA , a contract on my life .
ABOUT THE NAME OF GOD - It would seem naturally important . I read a child’s book several years ago , about a child being very sensitive regarding her name always not being said right .

In the Bible , it also shows the importance of one’s name .

But pin a jW into a corner. , and they will say the actual name of God , not so important. ? It’s the. way they are TRAINED to respond .

More proper transliteration is Yahweh or something like Yahe-aweiuh .

By the way , interference by certain people on here . Interference Not associated with this site
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NOW , i have some more time .

Several years ago , i did some major research on God's name . Most people agree that Y a H W e H is an appropriate approximation , There are many people though , insists on a 3 syllable pronunciation of God's name ; The pronunciation varies with different people ....... Yah - ue - weaih ( ue ) + ( eai ) are merely guesses .

The best that I was able to figure out was that there is a possibility that there is an ancient SAMARITAN Tribe ( group ) , of people , that have never ceased using God's name . i was not able though to contact these people .

To truly find out the proper pronunciation of God's name would require a bit of effort , talking to many people , probably mostly nearby to Jerusalem , or SAMARIA , I really dont believe that it is entirely lost . Such is the teaching of FREEMASON ; which is likely the origin of God's name as Jehovah .

MORE ABOUT Jw . oRG In the USA , IT IS A 501 C , that is , it pays no taxes ; there is a problem with being a 501 C , you have to make COMPROMISES on what you preach . Another words don' t touch upon politics , but if one is really teaching the TRUTH about things of our day , THEY HAVE TO SPEAK A LITTLE BIT ABOUT POLITICS .......... thereby loosing their TAX EXEMPTION STATUS . SO IT IS ALMOST ALL CHURCHES ARE COMPROMISED ..... ' ALL ' !

HOW jW acquire adherents , They can really WOW you over with some good doctrinal teachings , Like the SDA church , in teaching upon the 7th Day Sabbath . Some people are naturally impressed . But the really good DOCTRINAL teachings soon fade away into MURKY WATERS , SPECULATIVE TEACHINGS , For instance , on the END OF TIMES , 1975 being a true disappointment for so many of its people . They have somewhat apologized for this , but not really very well at all . NOT BEING TRULY OPEN and HONEST about it . FEARFUL OF LAWSUITS , maybe ,..... ANOTHER COMPROMISE ?

I have made many comments on * YELP * about Jehovah Witnesses , and the FORCED ILLEGAL ADOPTION of my children , associated with the UCC , UNITED CHURCH of CHRIST . It really highlights some of the Truth about both of these churches .

YES jW s go knocking on doors ; and this is what TRUE CHRISTIANS supposed to be doing , but they have a VERY SERIOUS FLAW , which can put a man on the street to die ( literally ) .

IF A jW COMES KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR , TAKE THEM UP ON A BIBLE STUDY , AND TRY TO GET THEM TO LOOK AT THINGS IN THE BIBLE MORE HONESTLY , and maybe yourself also ...... such as the 7 th Day Sabbath , also on the issue of HELL , if the Bible uses such , isn't it possible that something of this nature is truly waiting for WICKED EVIL PEOPLE , Yahweh does not want to do away with any more people than HE absolutely has to ; thereby for some the people , salvation may come at a VERY VERY HEAVY PRICE such as something taught by the Catholic Church ( kind of ) . Others may just be completely annihilated ( done away with ) .

jW s also appear to be hiding their association with Freemason .
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