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3 Sep 2003
Are there between you any Satanists or people interested in occultism, chaos magick, social Darwinism?

The haze.
No offense but I think this post is better suited for the general discussion forum...unless you want to talk about magic in Japanese religion.
Well, Mandlyon, what about magic in Japanese religion!?
As far I am concerned, magic, occult and knowledge all in all areas far as important in the west and the east of our beautiful planet. This forum is about religion...in Japan...well, tell me about it...please.
Your avatar, for example, is the so-called "sacra sindone", which is supposed to be the veil that covered Jesus body after his death,
a very holy and magical icon of the Christian church.
It is kept on heavy custody in a church in Turin, Italy,
It keeps millions of people believe in Jesus and his supposed teachings....a very effective work of manipulative magic from the catholic institution.
Actually, no-one knows who's that guy in the sheet, and the past thousand years, there have been many supposed holy nails and cross residue and different copies of the sindone.
A whole lot of work to keep a huge mass of people "believe".
Are there Japan actually many Christians?
What about magic in Shintoism?
What about in traditional Buddhism,
What about Nichiren Daishonin, and how come that he's so popular here in the west.
Please enlighten me...
no offence.
Hail Satan.
the haze
(thehaze: I don't know much about satanism, but if you define you believe antagonistic to the Xtian one, you should be glad that so many ppl revere things like the veil of veronica...I understood that most Satanists rather emphasized individualism and personal freedom, though...)

Whatever, though, I wouldn't be as a polemic that still has a point. I'm also interested to learn about jap magic, e.g. on you dou (yin-yang school), and Shinto practises etc...cause it's tough to find info...esp on the net- I searched in Japanese and nearly all sites that turn up deal w computer games...

So mandylion or anyone: if you have info on good sites (日本語でもok) links or even book recommendations-they be greatly appreciated...
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Oh yeah: and Ainu shamanistic practises- not the show some pull off for tourists- is there any info of, e.g. anthropological material...from Taisho or Meiji time or whatever?? I would be grateful...
I didn't mean to be polemic, nor I am interested in religious debates. I am curious, and I'd like to know more about ainu practices too, altogether it would be nice to meet people who share my one.
Satanism is not really a "belief". On the contrary, it is based on not believing at all, especially the concept of god or the devil, pictured in most other religions. Satanism is a man-centred-life loving religion that recognizes magic as an important side of nature and stimulates earthly achievements in all directions.
For anyone interested, www.churchofsatan.com is the right address to get more info. I am not any way one of their spokesmen.
I share the same ideas as an individual, and I still want to find new inspiring people from this beautiful planet.
All the best.
hail Satan
Satan? *ears perk up* Did someone say Satan?

Haze: While your interpretation of what Satanism is thought to be, you are also under a cloak of misconceptions.

There are different forms of Satanists, and Satanistic belief systems. The one I belong to, while there are those who literally worship the dark lord, is more of an ideology and philosophy. Most of my 'brethren' dont worship anything, be it nature or supreme deities, and we focus more on a concept of political structures in everyday life, not just politics.

Church of Satan site is probably the best out there, as it combines the more philosophical beleivers, and literal believers, so its good that you already know that site. There are others out there, but I think posting links to sites is considered spam, so I can PM you links if you want.

And really, if there is a being to be worshipped, its not Satan. Its definately Lucifer.
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