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The Child
18 Dec 2003
Kinda a dumb question... but how do you edit a post now that everything's been changed? I can't find a button for it ><
i see the edit button in that post but there was a time limit for editing on the old forum for regular users (24 hours) so on this one, being all new n everything, the button may just disappear after that time.
I Don't Think The Button Stays Long!!

I use the edit a lot to correct my spelling. I think it's less than an hour & it's gone. Have to gat out the stop watch & time it.

Hmm.. good question. I'm making this post to see that.

Edit: Ah, so there is a time limit. I was surprised too actually. This is the only forum that I've seen this function used. ^^;
I Think Someone In Admin Can?

The old system let them go in to change & move things; not sure about this fancy new deal though.

If there's something really wrong and you need to have a post edited or deleted, you can always ask one of us to do it.
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