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15 Nov 2002
taken from lockergnome....


{Rate the eBay deadbeats} Fortunately, I've only run into one deadbeat on eBay, but since I was the seller rather than the buyer, all I lost was wasted time. Despite eBay's best efforts to make buying and selling a good experience, there are screwed-up and bad experiences with online auctions. eBay only gives you 80 characters to tell your story in feedback, but this site provides a full Web page space and pictures for sharing your tale. Some people are afraid of leaving negative feedback on eBay for fear of retaliation. Instead, you can post the story on this site and let everyone know about the deadbeat. Before you bid or sell, check out the site for possible additional feedback that's not appearing on the official eBay site. Search for an eBayer by ID; however, the search is imperfect. I did a search of my first name and received results where my name was not even listed in the posts. There are pop-ups asking for donations, but the resource is useful despite that annoyance.
Hello Den4,

Thank you for the link.

I am a seller and buyer at eBay. I sell adventure computer games to collectors around the world, and Yes, Also Japanese.

I do had few sellers that weren`t very honest on advertise their items. And you are right, i am one of this buyer and seller that i don`t reply to bad feedbacs. But i do pay via credit cards, and i don`t have to pay if the item is not delivered as advertised.

I will go to the link that you posted and try to educate myself a little more. i can never learn anough. And i din`t know that site before.

Thanks again!

Best regards,

Cathy 🙂
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