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eating raw boar doesn't sound good...

Raw boar is not tasty, IMHO, but deer is not bad. I have had it on occassion, though I probably won't any more. Cooked boar is not much better.
I have once tried horse sashimi (raw horse meat) in Tokyo, I was told it's a delicacy from Nagano Prefecture. It came in very thin slices, but left me quite unimpressed.
I have hear that carnivores and omnivores living in the wild are often infested with parasites either active or dormant, either grown or as eggs.
This might be slightly different with livestock bread and raised on a farm or a factory farm as they are often injected or fed antibiotics/vaccines.
One thing about pigs and boar, they are well known to be more infested with parasites, so I'm not sure I would want to experiment on myself... but humans are also said to harbour a great number of parasites.
C'est la vie ? Eat away in abandon ? :?
xD I find tha thilarious. I'll eat anything that at least one culture considers food. Unless that is worms, grubs, excrement of some sort, blood, or human flesh.
Pretty much anything else I'm good with. ^^
Ooh worms and grubs and bugs, yummy!
Human flesh supposedly tastes like pork, well according to a guy I met once.
However I have never liked the smell, sight, and never contemplated the thought of eating raw meat. I have eaten a smidgen of raw salmon, with a rich dose of wasabe.
There is a Korean dish of raw beef and raw egg which my Japanese friend and boyfriend would eat in front of me, and I would spend the time hiding under the table or in the bathroom because it just sickened me. No kisses for the boyfriend for 24 hours after that either. I can imagine it would be nice, but I can never bring myself to look at people eating raw or runny eggs. The meat is not so bad... just not for me.
URGH! I never should've looked at this thread before lunch! Now my appetite's practically shot!
I've never eaten any type of raw meat (no, not even sushi yet! ☝ ) but I'd be fine to try. I don't see why not. After all, cooking is only... sort of... heating it up... and kind of... charring it a bit... :unsure: And I like rare steak. :)
Whenever i visit wisconsin we always have raw beef sandwiches and they're quite good, but raw boar scares me. I know you can't eat raw pork because of trikinosis, so I assume that would be a problem with raw boar as well.

* ニ置ニ停?ーニ脱ニ旦窶堙啓ツ更ツ新]ニ畜ニ耽ニ停?懌?堙ーニ誰ニ椎?ニ鍛ニ誰窶堋オ窶堙??堙昶?堙??堋ュ窶堋セ窶堋ウ窶堋「ツ。
* 窶堋ィ窶儺窶堋オ窶堙姑馳ツーニ淡窶堙姑但ニ檀ニ椎槌湛ツ(URLツ)窶堙ーナ?m窶戳窶堋オ窶堙??堋ュ窶堋セ窶堋ウ窶堋「ツ。
* 窶卍シ窶楼窶堙姑馳ツーニ淡窶堙俄?禿溪?堙ゥ窶堙俄?堙債、ニ置ニ停?ーニ脱ニ旦窶堙啓窶禿溪?堙ゥ]ニ畜ニ耽ニ停?懌?堙ーニ誰ニ椎?ニ鍛ニ誰窶堋オ窶堙??堋ュ窶堋セ窶堋ウ窶堋「ツ。
* ニ塚?蓄ニ脱ニ椎?ツ・ニ棚ニ停?愴停?ーニ辰ニ停?懌?愿?窶堙娯?ケLナス窶凪?堙ー窶堋ィ窶儺窶堋オ窶堙個湘ェツ坂?。窶堙債、ナ椎クツ催オ窶倪?ケ窶堙家鱈ツーニ陳渉ーニ檀窶堙ー窶愿シ窶氾坂?堋オ窶堙?「ニ探ニ辰ニ暖窶愿?ツ」窶堙姑畜ニ耽ニ停?懌?堙ーニ誰ニ椎?ニ鍛ニ誰窶堋オ窶堙??堋ュ窶堋セ窶堋ウ窶堋「ツ。

Am I the only one who gets to see this :?
xerxes99 said:
what does it say RockLee?
窶堋ィ窶儺窶堋オ窶堙姑馳ツーニ淡窶堋ェナ陳ゥ窶堙や?堋ゥ窶堙ィ窶堙懌?堋ケ窶堙ア = osagashi no peji ga mitsukarimasen
in English it means :
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