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14 Mar 2002
"In his day job, 32-year old Atsushi Fukunishi designs electronic fuel injection systems. But for the past half year he has been working after hours on a secret project -- developing the world's smallest motor vehicle. Today is the big day, when his working prototype is unveiled to the public. As he steps out before the crowd, the music rises and the cameras zoom in on his brainchild... a pair of casual style leather shoes. Atsushi takes off his sneakers and is about to change into the new footwear. But before he can do so, the shoes scoot away. His assistant (and co-developer) retrieves the runaway shoes, Atsushi puts them on, skates a few steps, and then lets the shoes carry him forward under their own power....Welcome to the Toyota Idea Expo."

=> http://www.toyota.co.jp/IRweb/special_rep/ideaexpo/index.html



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I just can't stop imagining a mouse running around the floor.
All I need to do is loosen some shoestring!
I'd rather play with it than wear it! 🙂
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