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Eastern Youth and Quruli


21 Nov 2003
Hello folks,

First off, I've just gotten into some of the Japanese stuff like Eastern Youth and Quruli, two amazing bands. If you have suggestions for similar bands, please let me know.

Also, I've been trying to purchase CDs online. I like to support the bands that I'm into, so I guess I don't mind paying upwards of $30 American for a CD. I've found yesasia.com and cdjapan.com. Are there any other online vendors that sell internationally and have English version websites?

Specifically, there's an Eastern Youth CD entitled, "Kanjusei Outou Seyo." What does that translate to in English and is the album good if you've heard it?

I apologize for all of the questions, but information in English is hard to come by. This message board is a godsend.

Eastern Youth!

Hello, Clevekarate.

I am a huge fan of Easten Youth too.
Their show in 2003 Fall in the US was amazing!
I hope they will come back to the US again.

I don't have any other bands similar to Eastern Youth,
I am Japanese and I listen to Japanese indie bands though.
They are such unique, only, amazing band.
Nodody can play their music and go over them.

Their album, "Kanjusei Outou Seyo", means "Reply, my sensitivity"
in my Japanese. It is so difficult to translate into English because
their lylics is old-fashioned Japanese and poetic.
Even Japanese native speakers rarely understand
their lylics competely!
Me, I am not sure I understand over a half of what their lylics say!

amazon.com has "Kanjusei outou seyo" as long as I checked.
It is sure that Japanese amazon, amazon.co.jp, has most of their album.
ナ?'ナステウツ青ォ窶ーナセ窶愬。ニ短ニ塚? just cut and paist it. It is "Kanjusei Outou seyo" in Japanese.
Install Japanese characters into your computer and you will see
those characters. It is easy. Go to Control Panael and select
Language or things like that.

this is one of the best albums for me. Literally all of their albums are
amazing though.
It is worth to buy it even with over $50!

I hope this message is helpful for you.

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