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Earth Girl Arjuna Mooosic

Onigiri Chan

1 Dec 2003
Hey everyone! A long time ago I found this song by Yoko Kanno from Earth Girl Arjuna called AQUA.
My computer crashed, however, and the song was lost and soon forgotten. Recently I have found a little teaser online by Yoko Kanno (titled AQUA) and have, once again, fallen in love with the melody...😊
If someone could please give me a link to some complete downloads of Aqua, or any of the Earth Girl Arjuna music, then I would greatly appreciate it...
I've searched high and low and not had any luck. I hope that someone's able to help me....
Thank you everyone! 🙂
Here, go to this site, http://www.winmx.com. It is a fileshare site, dwl the program, put what you're looking for in the search, and tada! You have your file! (Only one problem, though, since it's a fileshare site, the computer you get it from has to be online....SO, the download could take one daye/couple of hours, or a couple of dayes....But, believe me, It is worth it! *hoards collection of MP3s*)
i actually already use Winmx =\
I searched for the song all last night, but whoever had it has been offline for a long time...
>.< I hate it when that happens...I have a song in my dwl list that's been offline for about a month....*sigh* Well, I tried. Sorry! (I actually did have a bunch of anime MP3 sites saved....But now they are gone....-_-; Try putting The song title or the artist in google with MP3/MP3s after it...that's what i used to do before Winmx....It usually works. Hmmm....Probably have already done that too, hm?)
Not a problem 😊

I highly suggest getting both the Arjuna OST's, great music to be had by all.
I had quite the scare yesterday.
It said the server on your site was taking up to much bandwidth, so I couldn't access it...*tear*
but it's working now.
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