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E-mail scam alert



After putting in an ad for a pen pal I recieved the following E-mail scam so watch out people.

From: ade olusegun <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]


Compliment of the season.

With do respect. Having gone through your profile,
I am convinced and pleased to contact you for some
assistance and business relationship.

I am a widow, who live in NIGERIA. I have a daughter
who is the joy of my life. My late husband was a
loving, caring and hardworking businessman who died
unfortunately in an auto crash. Before the sudden death of my beloved husband and father of my
daughter, my late husband intended to establish a
business in the united states of America with the
sum of $15 million united states dollars,but
unfortunately he died before this proposed venture.

Following his death, his family members are telling
me that I am not entitled to his property(Assets and
money)because I am a woman and my offspring is a
female as well ,according to some barbaric
traditional laws here in Nigeria (Africa) which
doesn't permit a woman to inherit a man's property,
but I and my child will be catered for by the late
husband family who also will take over the management
of his business and other properties. The worst of all is that they want me according to the babaric tradition to get remarried to my late husband's younger brother which I refused completely. I am ready to die instead of allowing my brother-inlaw to see my nakedness.

Unfortunately to this wicked family members, the $15
million united states dollars which my late husband
intended to use in establishing a business in the
United States was deposited in a a security company abroad
unknown to his family .I and the lawyer is the only
ones aware of this money, so I have discussed this
matter with the lawyer that I want this money
personally and he agreed based on some compensation.

According to the lawyer, the best way to secure this
money in other that the family members do not know about it is to look for a sincere and trustworthy foreigner
outside Nigeria for safe-keeping, later it will be
used for business establishment with your advice and
assistance, which I will also come over to your

At this juncture, I and the lawyer needs your
sincere assistance in providing us with your complete names, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, sothat the "Claim Documents" can be changed to your name as soon as I hear your positive
response. However, I and the lawyer has agreed to give you 20% of the money as a reward for your sincere assistance and the remaining 80% of the money will be for us(I and the lawyer). When the documents are changed to your name, they will be sent to you to enable you contact the security company for proper arrangement.


Thanks you and God Bless,

MOBILE PHONE: 234-803-7277385

My.. What a busy little chappy he's been. So much deceit, so artfully written. Hmm....... I wonder if he's in anyway related to Jeffery Archer ?
I got one today from a "personal assistant" of Charles Taylor. There's someone in Holland trying to rip me. :D

Return-Path: <[email protected]>
Delivered-To: luisrebelo@z
Received: (qmail 95556 invoked by uid 89); 8 Aug 2003 17:36:00 -0000
Received: from 62-177-189-40.bbeyond.nl (HELO netscape896.com) (
by mailbox.xxxxx.net with SMTP; 8 Aug 2003 17:36:00 -0000
From: LOUIS COKER <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 18:36:00 +0200
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="cd9ade55-c5ee-41e7-939c-a0ef2217d4d5"

My proposal to you will be very surprising, as we have not had any
Personal contact before. However, I sincerely seek your confidence in this Transaction, which I propose to you as a person of transparency, honesty and high calibre.
Let me first start by introducing myself properly to you.
My name is LOUIS COKER a Personal Assistant to President Charles Taylor, the President of Republic of Liberia. I got your email address from network directory I apologize if I have infringed on your privacy.
You may know that My Uncle President Charles Taylor is Presently facing serious, Opposition from the LURDS Army (Liberia United for the Restoration of Democracy), The security and safety of my uncle is not guaranteed following serious support given to the rebels.
My Uncle is seriously scared of this development, he does not want to suffer the experience of our Former president, Sergeant Samuel Doe who died in the hands of Price Yomi Johnson Who brutally massacred Samuel Doe, this was as a result of support the rebel had from foreign countries at that time.
The American government has given my uncle president Charles Taylor warning that he should vacate the office as the president Or face serious military actions that would not be in his
Based on these developments, the various foreign banks Account of my Uncle is already being investigated and that of Switzerland has already been frozen.
In view of this very Unpleasant development the sum of $45.7Million dollar has been Secretly moved to a private security vault for safe keeping and Presently he is seeking Political asylum, he has confided in me With this task of seeking a very reliable and honest person that Will receive this Fund into his/her account for the future Survival of him and his family since he cannot presently deposit Or transfer the fund on his name or that of his family members Name due to the present situation in our country. He may likely Face war -crime charges as declared by the United Nations in Respect of his alleged involvement in civil war in Sierra-Leone.
This money arose from various compensation he received from the Companies that were involved in the sale of rubber, timber and Mining sale of diamonds. He has instructed me that whomever that comes to our assistance should be compensated with 20% commission While 5% should be set aside to defray any expenses incurred by both parties.
The 75% will be for My Uncle Charles Taylor, as the Principal owner of the Fund Part of his share will be invested in your country in any venture with your advice. If this proposal is Okay by you, please as a matter of urgency contact me on this private email address: [email protected]
Comprehensive details of the transaction will be unfolded to you As soon as I receive your urgent response.
Awaiting your kind gesture to assist us in this regard.
louis coker
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