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Dynasty Warriors 4

Trev G-Code

20 May 2003
This is my favorite game! Has anyone ever played this game? Or Dynasty Warriors 3? You take the role of an general during the Three Kingdoms Era and go into battle! 👏 I think I'm gonna go pay it now!
Is it this good? My cousin's bought but I've never cared to play.
My favorite 3K's game is "Romance of the Three Kingdoms 6: Awakening of the Dragon" for the PSX. Sweet game.
It's good. but i don't have PS2.

Oh man, I love Dynasty Warriors. After my friend bought Dynasty Warriors 3, I was eager to get Dynasty Warriors 4 when it cam out. It's AMAZING.

I'm waiting to save up enough money to buy the Romance of the Three Kingdoms volumes. 👏
yeah i have dynasty warriorsd 3 and 4. both very good i like how 4 has some of the other peopls tales as well as the wu, shu and wei stories. number 4 is abit out of chronological order on some things. they have "romance of the three kingdoms 7" out for ps2. the book is very good to. its a great story, providing a detailed background for your favorite charactor, unless your charactor is a female. the only one really mentioned in the book is sun shang xiang.
a friend let me borrow dw3 & i fell in luv w/the game. couldn't wait for DW4. when he told me that he'd bought DW4 i was like "u bastard!" u kno how it is

my fav character? ...right now it's Zhao Yun :shrugs:

how'd u guys react when u first met Lu Bu in DW4? ^^;
DUDE I LOVE DYNASTY WARRIORS YEAH i liked that one big strong guy thats spun in circles and killed ppl i can pronounce his name or spell so im not gonna try
then i liked the one skinny guy with the sword he acted gay bought fought like just like amzing it was so cool
i thought he was talking about zhang he since he acts fruity, but he doesn't use a sword...
mtv: true life - i'm a gamer

thats the real buff dude's favorite game right now
it's funny to watch him cussing @ the opponents text boxes
i go over there whenever i'm in town
i should have gotten him that fan when i was in akihabar
oh well
wow people are actually afraid of the fairy with braids. (Lu Bu)
I personally hate this "warrior" um and my favorite warrior...?
hmmmmm...huang zhong (the old guy) female yue ying and who is the gay guy with the sword? 😄 i never played dw3 or dw3 xl but when i first saw lu bu i was like man, he is so gay! then he stuck me and killed me but i then beefed myself up came backed and whooped his *** up between his shoulders:eek: now zhang he is obssesed with beauty!m he is probably the gay character and any 1 wanna duel me in the game?
folks starting to sound a wee bit homophobic (imo)
we all on this planet together, please remember that :)
i got dw2,3,4 and they are all great my fav characture is sima yi dont ask why i like zhou yu too hehehe stommping on ppl with an elephant how fun
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