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Dual Citizenship as a Canadian

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19 Feb 2008
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I am a Canadian national, and have been in Japan for 5 years (Exactly 3 years working.)
I am currently legit for applying for the Japanese citizenship but not for PR.
I wish to naturalize but wonder if there are ways to keep my Canadian citizenship at the same time.
I heard Americans during the naturalize process get their Japanese passports FIRST before being asked to renounce their American citizenship - which many get away with keeping both citizenship..
I also heard they are given 2 years to give up their US citizenship or they must do so the next time they renew their naturalized Japanese passports, otherwise face loosing their Japanese citizenship or banned from entering Japan permanently.

1. Has anyone themselves or have friends that got away with both American/Japanese citizenship for years and were able to safely renew their Japanese passports? Never asked a word whether they've given up their US citizenship from the immigration office?

2. What is the case like for Canadians. Are there any Canadians here who have naturalized and kept both citizenship?

Thanks this would mean so much to me!
As the company I am working for wants me to work abroad for them, and I will not have a record of consistently staying in Japan for 10 years legitimate for the Permanent Residency I was originally going after. So, I will have to either naturalize or quit this job if I want to obtain a recognized residency. If anyone would be so kind to advice.

You may also Private Message me. Thank you!
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