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15 Nov 2002
This article, taken from Time magazine, talks about how people get labeled in the US, and usually from folks that are non-experts in the field, particularly insurance companies.... :emoji_frowning2:

How We Get Labeled - TIME

Curious how things are done In J-land, since I've never dealt with such things when I was over there....
From watching the news, however, I believe in the mental health areas, Japan is a little behind the US. Case in point, those people that hoard garbage into their homes and properties are considered to be folks with severe case of OCD (Obsessional Compulsive Disorders), while in Japan, it's relegated to a harmless ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) issue. From what I've seen in the news media, it seems a lot of pshrinks either refuse to acknowledge that the sufferers have a short circuit in their brains that cause them to behave in such bizarre fashions, and believe it is something that can be cured with just having people come in and clean up the mess....then the news media come back months later and can't figure out why the sufferers still can't get their act together and still end up hoarding garbage again.....the FNN news (that I can watch in the US) has done special news items on such people....which makes me curious how the medical fields in mental health really determine what a person is suffering, or if they even have a clue what they are diagnosing?

Yeah, but J-land is not the monopoly on self-proclaimed experts....but it is amusing when the experts are found dead wrong....and sometimes rather sad, too...especially when folks are misdiagnosed..... ;(
But I guess that's why I'll not ever go to a Japanese dentist again.....
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