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Drunken guard delays couple's marriage application


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14 Mar 2002
Who's going to city hall on Jan 1st anyhow? Sheers! :D

Drunken guard delays couple's marriage application

A couple was delayed for three and a half hours in submitting their marriage certificate to the Itami City Office on Jan 1 due to a security guard who was too drunk to assume his duties, city officials said Friday.

According to the officials, a couple arrived at the city office a little past midnight on Dec 31, and tried to submit their marriage certificate but was rejected by the security guard on night duty.

The 56-year-old guard, dispatched from a security company, was quoted as making remarks such as, "There are blanks that need to be filled. Are you stupid?" and, "I'm too drunk to confirm the contents." [...]

The guard and the part-time worker had each been drinking about 0.18 liter of Japanese sake and 350 milliliters of canned beer from around 10 p.m., calling it a year-end party.

Doesn't look exactly like an intoxication...

=> http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=1&id=244688
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