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2 Oct 2003
I wondered if young people in Japan also listen to drum'n'bass, and if so: is it popular, and could you hand me some DJ-names and producers?

Drum'n'Bass is very UK-related music offcourse, but I am really curious about this style of music in East Asia. Is it still undergroud there, or has the mainstream discovered it already?

So, dnb-heads out there, let me hear ya!
It's still pretty underground in Japan. I can't think of any major names that are producing Drum n' Bass.

Drum n' Bass is used however in some remixes of major artists or as a gimmick addition to some songs, but as i'm scrolling through my huge and diverse collection of music, there aren't any typical Drum n' Bass artists in there.
makoto... actually, it's quite a few? trying to remember -- i listen to so many genres, sometimes they blur 😊
but he's been a standout on some of the EARTH compilations, so i recently bought his cd

edit: i would think it's pretty popular -- they threw dnb events every weekend in yoyogi

another link

edit: huh!
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i love dnb, i suggest u to listen to Ram Jam World.. theyre my favorites in japan.. i like that one song they did with lisa (former m-flo) 👏
Ram Jam World? Never heard of it... But I will look for it on Google. Maybe I can get some music of them in Holland.... but are they Japanese producers?
I am very curious about their music...!
Thanks for your reply
yes they're japanese, their songs are VERY HARD to find, ure lucky enough to even get it, just like twisted said, theyre pretty much underground... im a big fan of them and i have mostly all their cds ill upload a song sample for u to hear.. im not gonna leave a link up in here, bec. im saving my bandwidth, ill just PM u instead k..

here's their site. Ram Jam World
I actually found one of their songs with WinMX and i must say it's pretty damn good!

They also did a remix of the Dragon Ash song "Fantasista".
i should have bought that album... i saw that suite chic, but i was in a hurry and it was just a release of chic songs :(
wassup Twisted...
before I ask you what I meant to ask...man I don't know where you get your tracks from and which producer you prefer (other than yourself) but when you touched down at Systems (Toronto) with Skibba ... oh my goody gosh particularly some tunes you dropped were like reflection of my thoughts and feelings - I just stood there in awe taken away by the sound.... (it's not a compliment by the way)

I will be in Tokyo as of Nov 12/03 and would like to get involved there with the D'n'B scene - I was wondering if you could give me any advice/guidelines?
Hmmm.I could use the information too..I'm trying to get to Japan for next summer, and I aim at going through some good dnb/techno/electro etc.parties, and buy some music at the same time. I'd also like to hear more of japanese artists in this field..
What kind of dnb is Ram Jam World?...I like it rrrough ;)
"but if anyone can respond to my quest ion please do so..."
what is meant by getting involved? attending parties? djing?
anyone into drumnbass should lock onto the hardline link webcam live drumandbass feed from the heart of London

Saturdays 8-10pm
Labcreation show😄
Zoey released a Drum n' Bass remix in London (Iyana Yatsu, plan:itb remix) last year. It was produced by Russell McNamara, the same guy who produces almost all of Utada Hikaru's remixes. If you search around you can most likely find it in London. Its on vinyl, released by Pudgy Records.
hey d+b headz out there. im a new zealander living in sendai looking to find out about upcoming drum and bass events in tokyo. i saw fresh, zinc and pascal in osaka and it was sick. if anyone has any info, thatd be great. cheers
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