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13 Apr 2003
what are your opinions and views on the current drug laws and use in the world?

I myself only smoke bud but only after i have all my daily prioritys taken care of first.

i feel that the current drug laws are archaic and tyrannical in a sense and the ironic thing is that the two legal reacreational drugs which are tobacco and alcohol are far more health hazardous and addictive then some of the supposdelly harder drugs but studys have proved this wrong, sure Herion, Crystal Meth, Crack, etc are far more horrible drugs but marijuana and opium are being used as medicinal drugs, thus showing that the laws are hypocritical.
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Opium? Are you insane?
The Chinese society almost fell apart in the 18th century because of this crap! No way man. Say NO to opium.

BTW, weed-smokers, do you usually plant or buy your stuff?
If you plant it's ok. But if you buy it, do yourself a favor and start planting it or just don't use it. I only ask you to stop supporting violence (just look at your city ghetto) and terrorism (if you don't know what I mean, just look at Colombia's situation).
Ah damn... here lemme try to put this how i remembered and how it works on terrorism, i saw it on T.V. ah the television... anyway

You get your weed from the dealer, the dealer gets it from some other guy who murders some little girls family who got in the way of the cartel... etc

argh i suck at that
Personally, I really don't care if people do drugs. As long as they do not do anything to harm me, my family, nor my friends. Looking at it I hate to see people die from using drugs. That is not a good way to go out of this world. That person may have been a good person, but people will probably remember that person as a drug addict. In my job field their isn't really any room for anyone to do drugs. I don't care if they take drungs when there off from work, as long as they or okay to come back to work and do the job probably. All in all smoke, sniff, or whatever so as long as you do it probably, and don't harm yourself nor others. I'm not saying I'm okay with drugs. People just do what makes them happy.
Drugs are not a real happiness coz they make ppl temporary feel happy,, Drugs have negative consequences on ppl social lives, mentality, their behaviors toward others in addition to their performance at work,, So, What kind of happiness that would certainly turn your life into hell? Those ppl who have no hope in this life are just loosers ,, What about kids who imitate adults?
I don't think drugs are something great... they're not healty and I can't take the smell... too much smoke...
I drink alchohol,but I do not smoke or take drugs

alchohol isn't healthy either but I am only a social drinker

drugs will ruin your life.

I have a friends' friends that takes drugs,but they are very good people.
the Canadian government is considering to discriminalize possession of marijuana,there are debates about this for quite a while already

I don't know how would that affect the society.

and I am against it.
Just legalise everything. People are responsible for their own health & behaviour. As long as nobody else is harmed, there is no problem.
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