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Drifting in Japan front page story in The Wall Street Journal?!

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26 Feb 2003
Had meant to post this earlier but never got around to it until today. Just like the title says, much to my amazement when I received the Sept. 18th WSJ in my mail (yes, I have a subscription), there was an article on the Drifting scene and its roots in Japan on the front page by Norihiko Shirouzo. The article talks about the rising popularity of the sport here in America (SoCal) as well as tracing the roots back to Keiichi Tsuchiya in Japan and the early '80s. Kewl beans. :cool:
hachi roku, i thought that was a made up word/name for a car for the anime "Initial D", kinda like the term "Hassle free"
A D1 Grand Prix exhibition was held in California in June. 16 D1 drivers competed with 9 US drivers, who had qualifited at an earlier event. The winner was Katsuhiro Ueo in the Revolver AE86 Levin. The event wasn't for points in the D1 series, but an introduction of drifting to more people in the US. There have been more events around the country starting for local drivers to practice drifting. California has recieved the most attention, because of the size of the import scene there.Here is an article on the D1 exhibition.

I just read that there will be an actual D1 event for points at Irwindale Speedway in California on February 28. It said 30 D1 teams will show up to compete like a regular event in Japan. I wish there was some way I could get out to California for this event.

Also I believe "hachi roku" is Japanese for 8-6. Which relates to the chassis code of the mid 80's Levin/Trueno, AE86.
Originally posted by TyPe-ZeRo
hachi roku, i thought that was a made up word/name for a car for the anime "Initial D", kinda like the term "Hassle free"

chokudori is correct.
hachi = eight
roku = six

The 1983-1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno carries the chassis / model code of AE-86. It is therefore known as the 8-6, or hachi-roku.
Similar to the way a Silvia S13 might be called an S-nii-sun.
i saw and article on that somwhere. oh yeah i think it was import tuner magazine, not sure.
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