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No money for car. :p You're 18 and you have a R32? Man, some of my friends (who are freaky car fanatics) would go crazy over that. Are there R34s around going around the Tokyo area?
plenty........there is this r34 sedan .....i have seen it alot of times. are you in the u.s? my aunt and uncle lives there...i lived there for a year in los angeles. i went there in 2000..........oh yeah by the way, R32 's are common here, it's a regular car.
Cool. ;)
Not too much Skylines here (in Hawaii). I think there is only one Japan imported R34 GT-R from a guy that specializes in imports and car parts/tuning.
Heh, since my car isn't really built for drifting all I can say is i'm jealous 8-p Then again, give me a rolling start wangan-style race any day of the week and it's another story entirely. :cool: Nevertheless I appreciate the difficulty and skill it takes to grip/drift smoothly and the R32 Skyline GTS-T is perfect for that, although I also really like the Evo VII for its short frame and engine displacement as a grip/drift car. If I just wanted to do it for fun though, hard to beat the classic AE86 "hachiroku" Levin/Trueno (besides being cheap, engine swaps and tuning are relatively easy). Silvias are nice too from what I hear.

Long live Keiichi Tsuchiya the Drift King! 8-p
I should check out Initial D sometime. *heh* The only little enjoyment I get from cars are from playing GT3. :p
The car I drive is old (but not hachiroku old XD) and gonna break down if I do stuff to it. :sick:
Hey, older cars are a blast! My first autombile was an '82 VW Rabbit and I tore the heck outta that one running it ragged but it was hands-down one of my favorites :cool: That's the price of having a really nice car is that you can tend to get really anal about it sometimes and hesitate on opening it up and just cutting loose. If I treated my Supra the way I did that Rabbit... *shudders* lol.
*cough* my first post :D

I have a RM S13. I've been learning to drift with it since early this year, I even went all the way to Irwindale for the Driftshowoff to improve. It was cool, I got to meet Drifter X there and I learned first hand just how good Koguchi is.

Some pics of my car:

I wanna try this:


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I don't compete in drift events but I enjoy a little oversteer action. I have an s13 as well, but with the sr20det and lsd. Yo r32dorifutodrift where are you located?
i drift in my volvo:clap: ....it's like the skyline sedan just a 2.3L engine...and it moves like a whale.
to perform a REAL drift, RWD. to be a wannabe, FWD.

heh, well FWD can do drifts, but you have to use the e-brake to induce a kick in the rear. RWD cars can naturally do this by applying an excess amount of gas, and quickly counter-steering (in a nutshell).
oh, so that's possible

i can remember i almost performed one (but i didn't skid, i was on the limit), steering wherever & by braking toughly. i felt the rear getting real hard on the side. it really surprised me :eek:
it may depend on the car :eek:

My name is edo. I am new to this forum. What type of car would be good for drift ? I am looking a skyline GTR now . What is some good suggestion. I also do custom vinyl graphic for car and motorcycle around the yokosuka and atsugi area. If you need anymore information just email [email protected]
hi i live in new zealand and one of my mates is going to japan and we r into drifting and we r looking at geting some contats over there cos we wont to biy some parts and have a look at some legle drifting or not legle drifting so any contacs or adress of tuneing houses or ppl that we can contat will be most a prehiated!
Hey @vinylgraphicjapan. You said you were thinking of getting a GTR as a drift car right? If your going to use your car for drifting i suggest that you get the gts-t model, because it's a RWD...just like Ken Nomura's 4-door skyline.
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