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Dreams Come True


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19 Nov 2003
This is what you call old news, but does anyone know if they composed a song for the classic video game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2?
To me, Miwa Yoshida sounds better than any other Japanese female singer. That still doesn't mean I'm a fan, though... :eek: I was forced to listen to "Eternity" way too much...ick.
I say it in the "Your First Japanese Band" ^_~ yes it is true... the main composer of DCT make the entire soundtrack of Sonic the hedgehog... 1 and 2, so, classics like Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone and all those great songs belongs in theory to Dreams Come True... I also have a japanese TV ad of Sonic the hedgehog 2 and it says "Sountrack by Dreams Come True"...
Also, they have a full, vocal song named "Sweet sweet sweet" wich is none other than the ending in Sonic 2, when Sonic falls from the Death Egg ^^
Tsurette Tsurette

DCT has a new no. 1 hit (Oricon Chart) and the music vid features Aoi Miyazaki (from Heavenly Forest, Tada kimi wo aishiteru).

The vid has a winter/Christmas theme.

click here to listen:
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