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Dreams Come True ( DCT )


17 Aug 2002
😜 Hi!

Does anyone here like Doricamu - Dreams Come True?
Well, I don't know them pretty well, but I like their songs a lot. :sing:

I just wanted to tell u that they have a website, where you can watch to videos, listen to the radio, among other cool stuff. 👍 So if anyone wants to listen to the news about them but doesn't live in Japan...


I bet you're gonna like it! 😄
Yoshida Miwa is BABE! She's got a big mouth though.

She did cosmetic comericals for Shiseido years back, I think.

Their hometown is up by me in Hokkaido. Just outside of Obihiro in a place called Ikeda-cho.

Miwa is very talented I think.
i like the band mostly because of her voice. :sing:

differently from the average female japanese singer, she's got a full voice (nihongo dewa 'hikui' tte yuu no kana?), besides strong, what makes her unique, in my opinion.
hikui = low or deep, but I wonder if it's used in this fashion like you mentioned for a "full" voice. hmmm

full, wide, varied = haba hiroi
But I wouldn't say haba hiroi for a voice. Dang, I just woke up sorry. I wonder if Miyuki will stop by :)
here's the explanation (i just asked my mom):

low pitch / high pitch voice = hikui / takai koe

Dreams Come True

What do you think of them?

I start listening to them when I was in Australia, and when I met my girl... she was leaving me for some travel for a couple of weeks and dreams made me always happy, or sad...

I love their music. There voices, there just Great...

it's not so POPIE, and maybe that's what I like about them... one of my favs is the English one about walking in the snow... ( i can't understand Japanese Yet...)


Dreams come true made me a better person, more sensitive somehow, but yeah what's wrong with that, ... Live is Beautiful, Enjoy it... Please
I have always been a fan and I really enjoy Miwa Yoshida's voice. I especially love "Winter Song", a popular selection with many of my karaoke friends, heh.
Dreams Come True's new Japanese language album, The Love Rocks, which was released February 22nd, is now the #1 album on the Oricon Charts!

I've downloaded the album last week, and it's another great album again!!! Hope some others will listen to their music!

Thanks for making this thread! I hadn't heard of them. 😌 I want to check them out now...
Song Jet, from the new album!!! Tell us what you think of it?

I actually think that DTC is more mature than most Jpop jrock here, so yeah just that people know it is not JPOP POP POP music!!! but just Really GOOD music, from one of the best selling Japanese bands of the world with over 30million record sells
I'm not a major fan, but their music is quite good. I have the DELICIOUS cd. They're not qute to my taste, but they do have a very catchy sound. 😌

You're right, they are much more mature than most Japanese pop that I've ever heard, probably because they've been around for so long. (My dad got their cd when he was in Japan somewhere between ten and seven years ago.)
Thanks for the link, Dutch! I still haven't been able to find any of their songs... :(
I found out that they even made a Dreams come actual Arcade Game !!😌

Dancing Stage featuring Dreams Come True is a 1999 Konami arcade game dedicated to the group's music. Dancing Stage is part of the famous Dance Dance Revolution series.

The song list (in order of increasing difficulty): Love Love Love, Haretara ii ne, Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!, Snow Dance, go on, baby!, Kessen was Kin'youbi, Peace!, Nante koi shita n daro, Asa ga mata kuru, It's So Delicious, Lovetide, Ring! Ring! Ring!, Opening Theme (The Monster is Coming)

It later became a Japanese Playstation game (April 2000, SLPM-86505) also released by Konami. It has the same base song list as the arcade version.

There is a unique feature called Greatest Hits mode, where you can insert the discs from The Soul and increase the number of songs you can dance to (Ano Natsu no Hanabi & LAT.43ツ≫?ケN from Disc 1 and Mirai Yosouzu II & Sankyu from Disc 2).



I just need to share this with you guys, because this is my All-time favorite Dreams come true song and the wedding song of me and Mayuko.
Dreams Come True is currently on their latest nationwide tour in Japan: "Dreams Come True 2006 The Love Rocks", in support of their newest album, The Love Rocks!

Upcoming Concert Dates:

July 27
Matsumoto Performing Arts Center (Main Hall)

July 29 & 30
Niigata Prefectural Civic Center (Large Hall)

August 3 & 4
Obihiro Citizens' Culture Hall (Large Hall)

August 9
Iwate Prefectural Hall (Large Hall)

August 10
Koriyama-shi Tami Bunka Center (Large Hall)

August 21
Kagoshima Hall (First Hall)

August 23
Miyazaki Municipal Culture Hall (Large Hall)

September 2
Shuunan-shi Bunka Kaikan (Large Hall)

September 4
Nagaragawa Convention Center (Main Hall)

September 5
Mie Prefercture Fine Arts Center (Large Hall)

September 9
Wakayama Tami Bunka Kaikan (Large Hall)

September 11
Biwako Hall (Large Hall)

September 12
Ishikawa Kousei Nenkin Kaikan (Large Hall)

September 17 & 18
Okinawa Convention Gekijou

(from http://www.dctjoy.com/dreamscometrue/currentnews/#Jan222006-1 )
Dreams Come True News
New single, "Moshimo yuki nara/Kyou dake wa", coming Nov 29th!
Dreams Come True's new double single, Moshimo yuki nara/Kyou dake wa, will be released on November 29th!
[Updated: Oct 11th]
New DCT Concert DVD will be released Nov 29th!
Dreams Come True's new concert DVD, Dreams Come True Concert Tour 2006 The Love Rocks, will be released November 29th!
[Sep 26th]
DCT's concert tour is complete!
Dreams Come True just finished their latest nationwide tour: "Dreams Come True 2006 The Love Rocks"!
[Updated: Sep 19th]

Dreams come true was on number 3 last night in the top 100 of songs between 1985-1995 Yatta🙂

New single, "Moshimo yuki nara/Kyou dake wa", coming Nov 29th!
Dreams Come True's new double single, Moshimo yuki nara/Kyou dake wa, will be released on November 29th!

New DCT Concert DVD will be released Nov 29th!
Dreams Come True's new concert DVD, Dreams Come True Concert Tour 2006 The Love Rocks, will be released November 29th!

( I already have this DVD and I LOVE IT!!! Miwa san is just WOW)

source: DCTJoy.com: The Joy that is Dreams Come True
DCT News:

New single, "Osaka Lover", will be released March 7th!
Dreams Come True's first single of 2007, Osaka Lover, will be released March 7th!
[Feb 2nd]

DCT Wonderland 2007 dates are announced!
The Wonderland concert series has arrived again! The Dreams Come True Wonderland 2007 concert series will be featured in gigantic stadiums; 10 shows in five locations!
[Feb 2nd]

I am going to try to get some tickets for their concert in Osaka in September... DCT ROCKS!!!
I just watched their "Osaka Lover" video at their dctgarden.com, and I LOVED it! 😍
I never expected that Miwa-chan would sing in Osaka-ben, but she can sing in English that well, why not in Osaka-ben? :D
The song is so cute that I keep listening to it over and over again.
Dutch-san, did you check it out yet?
I have checked the song out, and I like it a lot. It's funny that she sings in Kansai ben.

They have a new rollarcoaster in Universtal studio's Japan (Osaka), and in seats they have an inbuild speakerset, where people will hear "Osaka Lover".

Check this link.
Ah, thank you, Dutch san!
I love rollarcoaster, I'd really love to ride it!

I sang this Osaka Lover at Karaoke the other day, but it was a bit too hard for me! >_<
The latest news:

New single "Kimi ni Shika kikoenai" & soundtrack will be released on June 13th!
Dreams Come True's second single of 2007, Kimi ni Shika kikoenai will be released June 13th! The movie soundtrack from which it's based is released the same day!
[Updated: Apr 19th]
"First Day Without You" to be ending song for "CSI: NY"!
"The First Day Without You -Japanese Version-" has been chosen to be the ending song for the Japanese broadcast of the famous American TV drama "CSI: NY".
[Apr 19th]
Dreams Come True has released a new album

(source: Dreams Come True - DCTJoy.com: The Joy that is Dreams Come True )

And I Love You
ID Number: UPCH-29008 (limited edition)/UPCH-20063 (regular edition)
Price: 3,500 yen (with limited edition DVD)
Price: 3,059 yen (regular edition)

The track list:

a little prayer
A·i·shi·te·ru no Sign ~Watashitachi no Mirai Yosouzu~
Osaka Lover - ALBUM EDITION -
Sayonara59ers! - ALBUM VERSION -
CARNAVAL ~Subete no tatakau hitotachi e~
Kimi ni shika kikoenai
Kyou dake wa - ALBUM VERSION -
Moshimo yuki nara
The limited edition contains a bonus DVD that features:

Music videos of the following tracks:
Moshimo yuki nara
Kyou dake wa
Osaka Lover
Kimi ni shika kikoenai ~Another day Version~
A·i·shi·te·ru no Sign ~Watashitachi no Mirai Yosouzu~
"Making of" video of each music video
"Doriblog the Movie"
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