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Drama songs of the 90's


15 Mar 2002
Hey guys & gals
Been a long time since I popped into the forum with the JLPT and work literally squeezing up all my time.
Bought 2 new CDs out in the J-Music market this time I went there.
One was "ナ椎ス窶破ニ檀ニ停?ーニ筑窶ーツ、 90's". Man, was the CD good. rarely have I liked so many songs in one. Especially Ru-Gupuru (ツ?ィWhat does this mean?)'s "Hidamari no toki" is a beautiful song, me thinks. And Kome Kome Club's 'Kimi ga iru dake de' and Ono Masatoshi's "You're the only" are good too.

But my vote goes for "Megurai" by Chage&Aska. What a brilliant song! such a lovely tune! Do i love these J-Pop classics!

Comparitively, the other CD i bought, "Japan Golden Disc Award" was ma-ma (1/2 were pretty good though). Most songs are so
bland.......originality, chittomo naiyo. Plain copy of English Pop.
Sorry Utada Hikaru fans, but how could one just keep singing "Can you keep a secret" and 'hit it off like this, baby' 20 odd times and finish a song...zenzen tsumaranaiyo.......

BTW, do artistes sing the song specifically for a drama. or is it that one of their songs is picked and used in a drama?

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