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12 Jul 2003
Are dragons accociated with more with boys? I know it sounds like a weird question. lol maybe i'll explain later. (but maybe not)
Hmm... well... your question does involve some subjective ideas. Just to be sure, do you mean masculine traits when you use the word 'boys'?
New Avatar@KoranRi? ^^
Dragons more masculin? :confused:
well, just can tell from my point of view... I would accociate dragons with "boys" 🙂
The reason I was asking was I sorta got into an arguement over this. My mom had asked if I wanted a new backpack just in case (since my one from last year is fine) and I saw this black one w/ a dragon on it. I couldn't get it b/c it "looked like a boy's backpack." So I suppose she is right....b/c dragons are more masculine. But I dun think it should matter w/ a backpack. sry I had to ask. ^^ lol guess I need to rant a bit ^^
if its about the backpack- id say certainly! go for it since its (somehow) more about boys...

i only know about the chinese dragon: it was also the symbol of the male (!) emperor whereas the phoenix was the symbol of the empress...apart from that i think the dragon was the "strongest" year-sign in the chinese astrological sys.--

also- asian dragons (japanese ryuu 窶板ウ) are associated w the elements of air and water- they dwell in the sky or in the deep ocean to soar up on a rainy day. they paly w lightning and breathe thunder! so: go for that backpack, my friend!

Jap Dragons mean good luck....
If it's just about the backpack, I have to agree, go for it and buy it!!! this has nothing to do with male or female... 👍

oh...I'm getting hungry 🍜
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