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Dragon Knights


12 Jul 2003
Has anyone here read Dragon Knights? I absolutely love this manga. At frist seems like it is just a comedy, but later it becomes more serious and a bit deeper. Yet, it doesn't stop being funny. I especially love Rath and Cesia's relationship. They seem to hate eachother.
"I will never let you die, and you better not fight me on this. I don't care if you want my help or not. Go ahead - Kick, scream, and cry all you want, but I am not letting you die........(dun feel like putting in that part)...Don't you worry."
"About what?"
"I don't like you, I hate you. So go ahead and live all you want."
"Thank you."
I love this part! It's from vol. 7.
I've read the beginning of it, but then i kinda stopped collecting manga, and completely forgot about it until i saw this thread ^^;
well..it's awsome! I love Rath! he's soooo...hyper. It's definately a manga worth reading. You even get some crossdressin in the first volume which is halirous. I'd qote it for u (i have it memorised) but that would ruin it and u'd have to see it anyways. It's has such a good mixture of seriousness and humor. I'll stop now before I start a full rant. 😊

lol, i use to read it a bit but then it got really complicated so I
stopped! lol, sorry, I'm lazy -_- lol yah I saw the crossdressin >.<
I have the 1st manga. I borrowed most from my other friends
who have like ALL of them!
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