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Dragon ball Z and Tamahome...


9 Nov 2003
hiii..i come back a gain ...this time i wan know who like dragon ball z????
i like it but i don't watch it all....i wann see the episode when goku dead....
what a bout tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi......
i wann site where i can download it....espeasily the movie ^_________^


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I dunno... but I like fushigi yuugi! it's so nice! though I just have the Mangas...
as for dagon ball z... well.. it's ok... ^^
I love dragon ball and dragon ball Z, ive been watching it for atleast 8 years, i just cant get enough :) :p the episodes when goku is dead just after the fight with raditz (i think i spelt that right) are the best. ;)
I love Dragon Ball Z!!

Vegeta is my Fav. charcater! next to cell and freeza [love the bad guys....]

Down with Goku..👏
*goku is cool to though...*
i love goko,more than vegeta but also i like it cause the person who did his vouise is the same persone who doing heiji's voiuse....
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