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Dragon Ash

"Morrow" is the new single, out this Wednesday.
The new album will be out on July 23rd and is titled "Harvest".

Meanwhile, I'd recommend you check out the Mob Squad album, which was released earlier this year. It features original tracks by Dragon Ash, Source and Mach 25.
Thanks Twisted for the info on the new single and album for a while now adn you've helped alot with it. Sahnka you!:D
Hi everyone i really like J-Rap/Rock
and was wondering what are your favorite Dragon Ash song or if you have more than one plz say.

Mine are Rainy day and day, Morrow, Shizuka na Hibi no Kaidan wo and Let yourself go let myself go.

Shizuka na Hibi no Kaidan wo is my favorite cause its on the soundtrack for one of my favorite Japanese movies which is "Battle Royale".

Anyone else agree?
Dragon Ash are one of the more talented bands as of late. Their range in sonic variety has been shown time and time again. I remember back when Mustang was released, then a few years later Viva La Revolution, and it was quite a surprise to hear their music change so much, yet remain so cool.

Their latest album, 'Harvest', isnt as good as the ones I just mentioned, but let me tell you, the songs really grow on you. Still a great album.
Funny I just posted in the J-Rap thread now that I see this one.. Yes I like Dragon Ash they're really good.. My favorite song from them is Deep Impact (Ft. Rappagaria) At the moment.. And also Battle Royal.. Both good songs..
Dragon Ash is my favorite J-rap band. My favorite songs of theirs are Grateful Days, Fever, and Fantasia. I've never heard of the Battle Royale song though.
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I think you should search it out its a really good song.

Thats how i got listening to more of their music.

The Battle royale track is called "Shizuka na Hibi no Kaidan wo"

The only problem is, he released a newer single, I think recently, and the sound totally rips off of Incubus. I was quite shocked as he always sounds new and fresh. Not like 4 year old Incubus.


99% of Japanese bands are manufactured to sell records. Kind of just like cars are made. They make something that will appeal to particular demographic. Case and point: Chemistry. They performed a public vote on who the band members would be for crying out loud.
my favorites are viva la revolution, grateful days, underage song, invitation, and my friend's anthem (or something) those are some favorites. i like almost all the songs dragon ash has ever done though, my favorite album, though, is viva la revolution. i also like Source, check them out. they have a new song called GLOWLY which features kj from dragon ash.

Winter said:
You know thats one thing. Kenji is calling himself kj now. Thats just....silly.

meh, we all have random names (look at our forum names) :) at least he doesn't change it to some "symbol" or something like "beat master kj"

I love them. So very much. *eye twitch*
Actually, I'm listening to them right now with M-Flo- Way you Move
btw which categories that fit Dragonash and their genre? are they more of rock? rap? pop?
They were originally a punkband. Over time they started to use more and more hip-hop elements in their music and now they're best known for being a hip-hop band. They still use a lot of punk elements in their work though, but these days it's much more electronic.
I really hate the song "Life goes on", but songs like "Morrow" or the song from Battle Royale I "Shizukana Hibi no Kaidan Wo" are good.

But the album "Harvest" is not so good but on this album I love the song "Canvas" I think this is the best song of "Dragon Ash" ever.

okay bye
bis dann
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