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Downloading Pillows. . .


Angry Postal Worker
28 Nov 2002
. . .as in the greatest Japanese band still playing, that is.

I've checked the directory to see if this website is in there already, but I couldn't find it. There's a link to Our Peter's Zenlog on there, which is what made me think it would already be listed here, but I'm obviously too clever for my own good.

The site is run by a French-Canadian feller who writes damnably good English. He's got a load of other J-bands of various descriptions on his site, with discographies and biographies and, best of all, one downloadable song for each band! Did I say best of all? What really is best of all is that the single pillows song which is available for download is my personal favourite, Hybrid Rainbow. Also, check out Go! Go! 7188. Hyper!

Of interest to many bods reading this will be the sections on Penicillin and Arc en Ciel and a few other similar bands. Not really my taste, but at least with the songs available for download, I could decide for myself. Anyone else thinks I should write to the site's creator and ask for money for plugging his work?

The only negative thing to be said about the downloads is that they are seriously sloooooooooooow. I'm not sure why, but even though I have broadband, the highest transfer rate I got was 17Kbs. I'll leave it to the tech-heads to figure that one out. . .
Well, thats good to know. Anyways I like the songs "Last Dinosuar" and "Thank You, My Twilight" from the Pillows._.
Oww, I love The Pillows. they're like the best Jrock band out there. They did the music 4 FLCL. Furi Kuri.

Pillows is one of my favorite Japanese bands ever!!!

My favorite songs are Hybrid Rainbrow and Blues Drive Monster. And Ami I also love "Last Dinosaur" and "Thank You, My Twilight" too. I visited www.projectj.net and I found it to be very informative and great site for any japanese music fans to check out.
Ah, yeah, Project J rules. Benoit really knows his music.

For those who know how Usenet works: There's currently a flood of Pillows albums in alt.binaries.sounds.jpop
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