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Downloading J-POP MP3's


25 Jun 2002
Okay...I always used to download all my J-POP MP3's from Audio Galaxy as I saw that they had everything I needed. I didn't even have to look any further than audiogalaxy.com for a J-POP song I wanted. Sadly, Audio Galaxy is closing down and I can't get the songs I want. I have tried Kazaa and Morpheus, which I have found have a very little selection. I also downloaded WinMX which has a pretty good selection, but the files take FOREVER to download. Also, everything seems to be on "quene" so I can't download it. Can anyone help me out with this? What exactly does quene mean and why are the files taking forever to download? I'm on a Cable connection. What P2P programs do you guys use to download J-POP?

-Scott :confused:
I'm using Morpheus, but I have to admit that the new version isn't very user-friendly (not to mention the horrible blinking banners). Although I'm not only looking for Jpop, I found that - on an average day - there's a good selection of J-music available.

I'm also on a cable connection but use a separate box for downloads.

It seems that AudioGalaxy shares the same fate as Napster. The sad thing is that these legal steps aren't taken to protect artists' rights but solely the commercial interests of a greedy recording industry.
Hey, isn't downloading MP3's illegal???
I always buy original... 😊

But when i do download MP3 files, i always use WinMX. Most Japanese use it as well.
Audiogalaxy made it a bit easier to find what you want, because most titles were in Romaji.
WinMX is actually not that slow. The latest version (v.3.22) allows you to bundle your downloads so you can download from several users at once.
Sometimes users are busy and you can choose to enter their queue by right-clicking on the users name and selecting "Enter queue" from the menu.
And you can put downloads on auto-complete so it will keep looking for free users for as long as you are connected to the network.
Since you're on cable, you can leave it on all night.
Absolutely correct, Peter!

Well, of course, I'm just checking if a CD is worth buying, ehem...
of course, we all check to see if the cd is worth buying, lol

there is a new music download thing, and I thought I had it on my desktop, I don't know where it went, but as soon as I get its name, I'll post it here. I was using it before my computer packed up, so I know it's here somewhere, give me a while to find it, folks and I'll get right back to you all 🙂
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Thanks, Deb, I'll check it out today. I mean just to test it of course, hehe...
A lot of people reported problems with Blubster

=> http://www.zeropaid.com/news/articles/auto/03102002b.php
queue is a waiting list sort of.

lololo ... I'd stay away from most of those windows apps. Spyware inflitration is very high. Although, you can get copies that supposeedly have it taken out. The banners too.

I don't usually download mp3. I've done it and most of the songs I did download I had owned the cassette to or the CD. Problem is I didn't bring all my music to Japan and getting CD's over here is outrageously expensive just for a song or 2 that I really liked.

hmmm .... anybody try hotline? There's even a Japanese server. Problem is that many of the Japanese servers are either logon types and you need to up to down or you need to get the a Japanese version of hotline to read what the visitior pass/log is.

checkout download.com (shareware.com) for napster like applications.

I wish I had the time to setup a streaming server. hmmmm .... too bad my latest music collection is rather old on my machine.
Kazaa and WinMX always come up on posts like this and even chat rooms. i don't use any except IRC (internet relay chat).

like many, i download samples and i i like them, i buy the cd. (how noble eh? hehe). if i don't they get deleted or forgotten for eternity.

support the artist and those who make a living producing, marketing, manufacturing their media.

if you're are familiar with IRC, try EFnet - #jpop-extreme or #jpop on mircx.com to sample Japanese music mp3s.
IRC is excellent. They'll NEVER be able to take it away from us! YES!

I'd like to recommend Direct Connect. Try out the DC++ client for Windows http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net and just look over the public hubs for music or J-related hubs. Once you find the one that's perfect for you, you could have direct access to trade and chat with people in a rather convenient fashion. I love DC now. :)
Is it possible to get files through IRC without having to chat to people? I'm not so fond of chatting, so i'd rather use p2p software.
Yes, it's very simple. Often, you just join a channel, type "!list" for a listing of file servers, type the trigger, and then you're in their file server. Once there, you use simple commands like "dir" to list the files in your current directory, "cd" to change to another directory, and "cd.." to go up one directory. Once you find a file you would like, simply type "get " and then the file name (you can simply highlight and copy it in the list).

It might sound complex to some at first, but once you do it once, it's really easy. :)
OK, guess I need to say this since it was left out. EMULE: the best p2p program out there.
Thou, it's mostly for people with high-level connections. (58K works real bad with it)
So, let's all give it a look at http://www.emule-project.net it窶冱 a bit harder to understand than the other p2p programs, but when you get into it, nothing is better.
Emule is great for movies and anime series. Especially when you use the links at Sharereactor.

For music I still prefer WinMX. Emule is only good for the more popular artists who enjoy popularity in the west (Hikki and Ayu for instance). WinMX is still the most used p2p-client among Japanese people, which results in a much broader spectrum of artist availability.

From a software point of view Emule is indeed the very best.
Well, since login on to the Asian Movie donkey server, I might get better results than you have. But I usually find whole albums, in 196kb quality, of all kinds of JPop and JRock bands on emule.
For Asian movies of all kinds http://acf.hopto.org/amed2k/
Yeah, perhaps that's it. But even when searching globally across different servers, the results are pale in comparison to WinMX.

It has been getting a lot better the last few months, though.

I'm currently in the process of setting up a link page with ED2K-links to Japanese music videos. I'm currently just experimenting to see if it works.

I only share most videos I link to (most of them are taken from Usenet or WinMX), but I have limited upload bandwidth.

You can check out the work in progress here.

Beware of many dead links. I've set up these few pages late last night and didn't get the chance to check them all. I will add more pages in the coming week. Let me know if anyone actually managed to get any files through this page.
anybody ever tried this app? or know if it's spyware? or any good?

Didn't try it yet. I think it's the next big thing, but only when it's fully developed. There are also Emule/overnet hybrid applications that take advantage of both networks.
I have given it a go, and its a great program. The only problem is the source, and it has a problem with dialup-users who change IP all the time. Overnet does not have a central server, that way IP that have overnet on them are stored at files, that are sent around the globe. So... If you uninstall overnet you will still get requetst for list of files all the time, since your IP is on the serverlist.. On the good side, Overnet has a huge amount of source for Anime. Better then Edonkey/emule. But for rare files, Edonkey/emule is still the best.
Overnet also has a ratio thing going, so for full speed download you need to have upload of 10Kb, anything under that gives you 1/3 ratio in download speeds.

*thats about it I think*
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