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Downloading "FREE" music not so free.

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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Since 2003 , around 26,000 people have been successfully sued by the music industry for downloading and giving others music they downloaded. Just regular folks like you who figured no big deal, why pay when I can get it free. Jammie Thomas fought the music industry in court; guess what , she lost! She could be ordered to pay up to $222,000. This could happen to you. All these people figured no big deal, who's going to catch me. Even swapping music files among your close friends might set you up for a trip to the courtroom, think about it.
For more info, GOOGLE the name "Jammie Thomas" and get the juicy details.
What do you think? Does it scare you, or will you keep on downloading and take your chances? Is there a solution to the problem that everyone could agree on? I have to admit, I have no idea how to download music, but getting something for nothing is always tempting.

Uncle Frank



The Wise *****
6 Feb 2005
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I myself have known some suspicious characters who have taken part in sinful pleasure of "free music." We've actually talked about those who've been sued, and it really doesn't affect them all that much. They think that they're anonymous, a blurry face in a swarming multitude (which is actually not too far from the truth). However, just two weeks ago my teacher's husband was sued for 1,000 dollars because he illegally downloaded music, just goes to show you that even though you think you're safe, there are always ways for them to find you. He was using a college's internet service, though, and that's how many of these people get caught. They're using a public service that actually takes precautions to find those who download illegally so they themselves don't get sued.

In my opinion, I believe that the only "solution" that would be able to completely stop people from downloading music illegally would be a government crackdown on what its citizens use the internet for. However, that's a breach of people's privacy and there would probably be protests, etc. I suppose we'll just have to wait until more advanced technologies appear so that the music companies can stop this. :(

Mars Man

Rest in Peace
28 Jul 2005
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Some good information indeed. . . and a good idea to boot !!

Now, I posted a couple of original songs sometime back in the early spring of this year, and I'm sure some folks downloaded them. Now I'm going to track them down, and see if I can get rich fast !! hee, hee, hee....

It is impossible to change the way it is...well, ok, not impossible, because a giant rock could collide with the earth and wipe humanity out...so....but otherwise, it's just not going to happen.

Now, I know that there are some poor musicians out there in the world. I have played with some, and have watched some perform. I also know that there are enough 'richer-than-they-really and honestly--know-what-to-do-with-it' musicians out there too. And yet those that leech and that have to make sure they get their royalties, are right there with them.

OK...here's the solution and the plan. WE ALL...every last single consummer on the face of the earth...will STOP buying CDs, casette tapes, DVDs, PRMs. WE ALL will stop going to concerts, performances, and yes, even 'charity' gigs. WE ALL will stop listening to radio, watching TV, and buying music related magazines and newspapers. WE ALL will stop buying musician based licensed out and or sponsered clothing, consumer products, and anything !! WE ALL will hold out on our strike until all musicians the world over agree to let all their works be downloadable, free from cost, fear of punishment, and trouble. THAT. . . is the solution !!! Thank you. (and you can tell them Mars Man said it ! )


10 Aug 2006
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I can record TV shows from television and as long as I don't use them to make money it's ok...so what's the big deal about music?

Seon-a Kim

24 Oct 2006
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Indeed, but I guess it depends from country to country. I know for a fact that chances here are smaller to get sued for something like this, then it is in the USA.

Technically here it's like "If you only use it for yourself and don't distribute, then what do we care"

I download music very often, it's sometimes even the only way to get to know something, because why would you buy something if you don't know what it is about (we can't buy Japanese media here in stores for example).

I think most countries even should have a policy like "you can download and keep a file for 24 hours, then remove it". This is just the very same as with ROMs.

But either way, I see no big deal with it either as long as you don't make profit or distribute it.
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