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DoS attacks


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Yesterday and today our server experienced DoS attacks resulting in intermittent access to our sites. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I read somewhere that Cisco is working on routers that can retaliate an DoS-attack, by simply DoS-ing back to the source.
But then it wouldn't be routers anymore, but firewalls.

As it is, Apple still doesn't have any plans to port the great MacOS to my x86 machine, so i'll have to keep using the devils' tools.
I've sold my soul tp M$ a long time ago by running a NT network at home. Just can't afford these fancy Macs...
Yeah, that's another thing. If the price of a G4 was on the same level as an equally powerfull Wintell machine, everyone would be owning a Mac.
Curiously this news aren't showing on the mainstream media like CNN and the likes.

Is it on purpose to hide the vulnerability or they just think that the average "joe" doesn't know what a DNS Root Server is and he won't care?

As people begin to get more dependent of online services (like banking for instances) this is getting more and more creepy.
@ internet news
hmmm, will we be seeing traffic, weather, net reports soon? I can see it coming, a cute young lady with her lazer pen pointing to major hubs in the world and talking about how net-traffic is such and such here and there.

@ macs vs wintel price wise
Hmm, price point is the only thing many see at the time of purchase. My 14" iBook is basically compareable to most Vaio's in hardware and price. The iMac is just in a different category. The eMac too but would compete well with most lower level wintel. The G4 towers and TiBooks... hmmm ... yeah, they're a bit much.

hmm ....
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