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16 Jan 2004
I know were really gettin tired of hearin about this but what religion was the Himuro family? I forgot can someone please help me out. Thanks alot
Kusabi isn't a religion in Japan.. :eek: It's just the name of a character in the second game...

*Sigh* In the Zero games, the main religion that is shown is Shintoism. However, several of the backgrounds and architecture included in the game also reflect Buddist practices. (Which is natural, because there's a saying in Japan, 'Married Shinto, died Buddhist' ).

Now, the rituals in the game did not occur. While there are many many folktales in Japan about hitobashira (human sacrifice) rituals, there is not much archeological evidence to back it up. (China for example, also has these stories, and evidence has been found to claim them true) Also, in any true hitobashira story, the victim usually dies through some sort of purification element. Such as fire, or water. Blood is considered a MAJOR IMPURITY to Shintoism. Blood on any sort of Shinto altar is considered defaming.

So why the blood in the games? For the horror affect. It's like Silent Hill 3, where in a part of the game there is a church, and the church has been defiled and there is blood everywhere etc. Same thing. It's supposed to be unsettling.

But yeah. Shinto is the main religion that's used in the game. In the 2nd game, it seems as though the temple was Shinto with Buddhist influence, given that the tori gate to the temple has plaque on it. The only tori gates that have this in Japan are gates that are Shinto in nature but are influenced by Buddhism.

(Not to mention the Jizo statues and the Buddas in the game)
Shinto. It's really scary, 'cause the ropes in the game are actually real(?). Yea, it was a few days ago when I was reading about Shinto (yes yes, I'm a fan on Fatal Frame games, that's why I was reading about it) and I saw those same ropes that I've seen in Fatal Frame 1. O_O AND I saw it in my studybook.
But yes, Shinto is an interesting religion. It's great that I get the chance to study it! ^^D

ps. sorry about my awful english.
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