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Domestic Violence in Japan, CSM Jan 2004 - Shocking


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15 Mar 2003
from CS Monitor
"she began thinking about using her work experience to fulfill a longtime dream - helping other women. As she was wondering how to do that, sheran into an old acquaintance - a city council member, who told her about the problem of domestic violence."

"According to a nationwide government survey in 2000, 27.5 percent of Japanese wives said they had been beaten by their husbands, and 4.6 percent of women in another study said spousal abuse had put them in a life-threatening situation. (Estimates of domestic violence against women in the US vary widely, but tend to range from less than 1 percent to a little more than 3 percent, according to the Family Violence Prevention Fund.)"

"Experts and activists argue, however, that since many Japanese still regard violence against women not as a violation of their human rights but as a "family matter" - a quarrel between husband and wife - the actual number of cases in that country is probably much larger than reported."

"Along with other activists, lawyers, and victims of spousal abuse, Ueda has prodded politicians into adopting laws that protect victims of domestic violence. In April 2001, the Japanese Diet finally passed a law, which went into effect in October 2001, that allows courts to impose restraining orders against batterers."

1 in 3 wives physically abused by their husband? Outrageous! Damn the cultural relativists - this is just wrong. I can only hope that reforms will continue, both political and social.
Just wondering how many husbands have been "beaten" (at least hit) by their wives at a time or another. Women are usually more volatile than men, and tend to have more difficult restarining their emotions as well. But that would be shameful for a man to admit he has been beaten/hit by his wife, so they rarely complain. Need to be careful with "official statistics".
well,both are true that husband and wife beat each other up,probably due to working stress and all,which is so common around the world.And more are seeking for a divorce because of simple quarrels and is sad to see that happening :(
Eisuke said:
As far as physical damage I think the man is a bigger danger then a woman.

As long as the woman doesn't use the saucepan or throw objects frantically during a fit of hysteria. :angryfire :argue:
And Men, Never Forget Mrs. Bobbett!!!

I'm glad I don't have a wife who sets my bed on fire with me in it, or throws boiling water or grease on me, or cuts my whose-a-ma-dingy off while I'm sleeping. That saying about a woman scorned seems true for some women. My wife is an expert pistol shot & says if shes ever got mad enough at me, I'll look like Swiss-cheese!!


That literally sucks for the gals out in Japan, being taken advantage of by men. It's disgusting. :eek:
hmm..i've already told my future husband that if he ever so much as raises his hand to me, he can expect to find my shoe a full foot up his a**.

however, how do those who took up te statistics define domestic abuse? an actual beat-down? a slap? indeed, i should think that at least some of the women hit back...
I wonder if it has to do w/ Japanese "honne & tatemae" characteristic, men are thought to be dignified when they are quiet, or Japanese people simply have a short temper!
I have wittnessed a lot of men losing their temper and used violence instead of talking.

Japanese society seems civilized as the technology developed, though people still seem to be dragging the old-fashion manners in their private lives.
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