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Domains prices check 2003


free spirit
29 Oct 2002
I was just wandering... national domains most of the times are always a hassle, one way or another.

How much do you pay for a national TLD? And what are the conditions?

For instance, a Portuguese .PT is about $ 90 US dolars for two years (a one time $25 setup fee plus $65 for each 2 years).

And then there's the paperwork, but I'll spare you the details.

In the possibility than anyone might need this information, the complete set of rules xan be found at: http://www.fccn.pt/ingles/dns/dns/Regras/index_html#cnomes
.at domains come at 72 Euro (first year of reg.), then at 36 Euro per year. Too expensive if you ask me, that's why I only registered one.
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