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Domain snatchers


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14 Mar 2002

I've been watching that particular domain for weeks now. The original owner let it expire, then it took Verisign/Netsol about a week to delete it from the registry, I was lurking. Today it dropped and was immediately snatched by one of these infamous *^ツー@*~* Korean domain speculators! I came 30 mins late, because I was not at home.


Anyhow, technically it's hard to compete with these guys from Korea and Hongkong, they are masters in their field. Btw, the domain in question was japanforum.com.
They pay or problem run crontab programs to check the data I bet. Then when it frees they move.

Tough luck though.

I bet you could think of a better name anyway ;)
These guys employ rooms filled with servers that send hundreds of thousands of registration requests to the registry within milliseconds. I'm using my old box and my sticky mouse, hehe. That's the domain game.
In this particular case .net and .org are also taken. Besides, .com is the king among domain names, and no other TLD can challenge its position.
I'm a .com man myself unless it's some non-profit group like openoffice.org

I still think you can find a better name ;)
Nah, it was just a challenge, not really looking for a new domain. :)

This can happen in case you forget to renew your domain

=> http://www.neo-tokyo.com

Ultimate Search is Hongkong-based and owns thousands of such domains. If you ever see that page at japanreference.com the end of the world is near, lol.
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