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14 Mar 2002
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'Dogs in cars' website is huge hit

A website which just has photos of dogs in cars on it has been a surprise smash hit. Canine fan Jerome Turner set up the site as a joke to show his friends, but it's now become a massive success. Jerome, 25, from Poole in Dorset, is now being bombarded with photos from people who've taken pics of their pooch in a car, and he's putting up as many as he can. But he's now getting so many that he's had to ask people to only send in one photo of the same dog, cos he can't cope with them all!

"I had a camera in my car and just started taking pictures of dogs in cars as a joke," Jerome said. I set up a web page and just showed it to my friends. They all laughed and said I was mad." But now he's getting thousands of hits a day from all over the world. He's had photos sent in from America, Japan, South Africa, Finland, Poland and South Korea.

=> CBBC Newsround | SCI TECH | 'Dogs in cars' website is huge hit

Dog in Cars

=> http://mysite.freeserve.com/jezturner/dogsincars/index.html

Here's a J-related dog story:

Japanese laundry opens its doors to dogs

Washing your dog after a muddy walk could get a lot easier if a new Japanese business is anything to go by. It's just like a laundry for clothes, except instead of keeping your best outfit clean, the machines are designed to wash your dogs. round 10 dogs go through the machine every day, with a big dog costing ツ」20 and a little one ツ」10. Every dog gets that goes in gets washed in warm water, then soapy water, then warm water again to get rid of all the smells and fleas. nd it's not a strange-smelling wet dog that comes out of the other side, because before the machine finishes it blasts the animal with a lovely jet of warm air. The owner of the laundry, Takayoshi, reckons the dogs love it, saying: "I think from the dog's point of view, it feels really good to be washed like this."

=> CBBC Newsround | ANIMALS | Japanese laundry opens its doors to dogs


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