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Does Your Better Half Snore????

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
For the younger croud; does your brother or sister snore? How bout a friend on a sleep-over. How would you describe the sound? 747 jet, hot rod, pig/hog, hummingbird wings, bee buzzing??
My wife claims I match a chainsaw missing it's muffler, and sleeps in the guestroom!!


😊 :D :p 😲 :(
Well, I don't know about that 'better half' thing, but my yes, my husband does. You wouldn't think a 5'4", 125 pound guy would snore, but he does. I don't know what to compare it to as far as sound goes, but whatever it is, it's loud and annoying. Nothing wakes him, either. A train could go through the middle of this house, and I swear, he wouldn't know.

What is it they say about Japanese? The 3 S's? Is it small, smoke, and sleep or smile, smoke, and sleep? Something like that. All I know is the sleep part is definitely true.

Has anyone known a Japanese person who didn't like to sleep all the time? :rolleyes:
No one I have slept with have snored. But thats not to say I didnt stay awake every night I've slept with someone.

I hate sleep. The slight brush of a faint wind is enough to keep me awake all night, Goddess knows what a snore would do.
I have a bad snore but somehow my spouse sleeps right through it. I don't know how she does it.

She also loves to sleep, btw. She's under the kotatsu right now.
kirei_na_me said:
I sleep lightly, too, and I don't sleep much. Clash.

That just means we'll have more time to do things other than sleep, while in bed. 😊

*Winter has no tact. This Winter knows.*
my hubby snores as well... but if I give him a nudge he shuts up thankfully. It's amazing what Japanese people can sleep through.. I have found my husband a few times now listening to _loud_ rock music on headphones, asleep. He claims it's relaxing. :p
nzueda: That isnt restricted to Japanese men.

I fall asleep listening to Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, all types of really powerful black and death metal.
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