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Does anyone like NOIR?


Crazy Kitty Girl "Meow"
3 Nov 2003
I recently started watching NOIR. It's not exactly a great anime but it seems alright. I am a bit confused by the storyline. I only have the first two volumes because none of the stores by me have the third volume. Weren't there times when you felt that they shouldn't have killed a person? Let me know what you think.
i like what ive seen of it, and actually theyve released up to volume 5.
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I wonder how many volumes there are. The store I went to had vol 4 and 5, but how can I watch it without vol. 3. I want to buy it but I dont know of any other good anime stores here. Oh and I like the music in the series.
So true Dirty Pair has nothing on em cause they are so accident prone. The way they kill in Noir is awesome. I like their style how they use their surroundings like when they used popcorn.
One of the greatest action anime I've ever seen. I still plan on purchasing the remaining Region 2 DVDs and boxes.
i think its about 26 eps, but im not entirely sure. ive only seen the first 6 eps, but it was pretty good.
I've finished the series (anime) and it is pretty good... not top notch as some of the other ones, but it sure is enjoyable...

I really liked the music and bgm as some of them can be real catchy; sometimes I find myself "Hmmm"ing the tune over and over again in my head...
Do they have a soundtrack yet? And those words that you had to read with the glasses did they ever make sense
Yeah, they have soundtracks already and can be found here.
Although you can probably find most of the songs online too....

Good question about those words, i'm not really sure....
"And those words that you had to read with the glasses did they ever make sense"
aren't they the same words that they play when viewing the character designs? english?
it may have been written by someone who's first language wasn't english (probably)
but what makes sense anyway?
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