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Does Anyone Know of Sensei Kozo Nishino?


27 Nov 2003
He is a master and founder of his own school of Chi Kung known as "Nishino-Ryu Kokyu Ho." Here is a pix of his amazing Chi energy:

The Breath of Life: Using the Power of Ki for Maximum Vitality: Nishino, Kozo: 9784770020222: Amazon.com: Books

Nishino is surrounded by a group of men, and the Sensei generates Chi with is arms and the guys all go flying backwards with their feet off the ground. Phony? Note the second guy from the left--his hair is standing up as if a great wind or force is being directed at his face. If he were falling backwards on his own, there is no way his hair could stand up like that.

Sensei Nishino was had been admitted to Osaka University Med. School in the early 1950s when he gave up his goals of becoming a physician and instead became a ballet dancer and a choreographer. Following a successful career in ballet, he took up the martial art Aikido at the age 54. Within 4 years he attained the rank of 5-Dan. You can verify this with the Aiki-Kai Hombu Dojo. He also studied Taiki-Ken--a fighting art based on the Chinese art of Yi Chuan--founded by Kenji Sawai who had studied under the great Chinese Yi Chuan master Wang Sheng Chai.

Yi Chuan: Yi Chuan Kung Fu - Interview with Master Cheuk Fung

After mastering the Chinese system of developing Chi, Sensei Nishino founded his own style. In the photo of him above with the 6 men, he was 70 years old.

I myself studied under a Chinese master who had studied under a top disciple of grandmaster Wang. My own Chi is not as powerful as Nishino's but I can still generate enough palpable electromagnetic energy to be used for healing purposes. I also teach privately. I have also studied Aikido, which I recommend for women who want to study self-defense.
I ran across this looking for more info. What do you think?

Another contemporary example of remote-control throwing is given by Kozo Nishino who runs the Nishino-ryu Kokyuho dojo in Tokyo. An aikidoka and ballet dancer, Nishino performs feats that are even more impressive than Ueshiba's. In a video he is surrounded by eight men, but flings them all to the ground, just by looking at them and waving his arms, before they can lay a finger on him. A group of female students in his dojo fall like dominoes when he simply extends his hand in their direction. In an outdoor demonstration in Saipan he stands, hands calmly holding the ends of his black belt while "expert karate men" rush at him, only to fly backwards
I haven't seen it live, but I've seen it on TV.

ANother impressive thing about Kozo Nishino is that he started Aikido at the age 54 and attained the rank of 5-Dan within 4 years. This can be verified.

I would go visit one of his Dojos and see if any of his senior instructors can also exhibit "trans-space" power and send people flying without contact.

In fact, that's exactly what I'm doing right now.
(Without much success finding out where his dojo is.)
You're in Wakayama, right? There's got to be a way to find the address of his Dojo in Osaka. I think it's near the Sumiyoshi area (where the Shinto shrine is).

Any way to look up schools that sound like "Nishino Kokyu-Ho"?

BTW, I still haven't heard your comments about my bodybuilding article.

Didn't some of the episodes near the end of the show have something about that power ?? Seems I remember him pushing people on the other side of walls with some energy force?


I'm sure there are masters in China who can do that, but the Chi energy exhibited by David Carradine in "Kung Fu" was NOT real.

There was briefly a modern-day version of the "Kung Fu" show a few years ago. David Carradine played the great-grandson of Kwai Chang Caine. I used to work with Kim Chan who played the old man "ancient" in that show.

I haven't gotten your article yet! I'm PM you again. It might have gotten deleted on accident, with the whole virus scare going on, I deleted a few emails from unknown senders. Only after did I remember you were sending me one. Gomen!

Yeah, I should be able to find something. Next weekend when I'm up in Osaka I plan on asking a few aikido friends about it.

If you deleted it accidentally I'll re-send it.

I'm considering a trip to Japan in April. Trying to get tickets for the PRIDE 16-man tournament elimination rounds. Other than that, I'll stay in Sakai. Most likely at the Nankai Hotel by the Sakai station of Nankai Densha.

* * *
I once gave a Chi energy healing treatment for a guy who had a broken hand. He said he could feel the energy through the cast into his hand. He later told me even his doctor was amazed at how fast it healed.
Thanks. I'm anxiously awaiting it.
Ah, Sakai. Like I said before, a damn cool place.
If you've got any info on the dojos, I'd appreciate it of you could pass it along, too. I'm confident I'll find one eventually, but any little bit helps!
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