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Does anyone know any japanesevillage names?


Semper Fi
5 Nov 2003
:eek: I am in so much trouble! I am writing a story about a young woman in Japan, and I dont know any Jpanese Village names. I wanted to ask this in a forum because I know all of you are SO nice and that you guys would help me. So if anyone can tell me any Japanese villages, I would truley appreciate it. Thank-you. 🙂
Is your story set in a specific part of Japan? Then we could give you some real names to go with, or we could just make some up for you. The problem is, say if your characters often go to somewhere like Tokyo, then having a village name specific to, say, Kyushu, is going to raise some logistical issues.

I'm sure w could come up with some fictional names too if you like...
Yeah, we'd at least need to know a prefacture. I think you should write about Tohoku. Nobody writes about Tohoku. Well, there's a series on NHK lately about MASAMUNE Date, but other than that I've never seen anything about Tohoku, Akita, Aomori, any of those places.
Why don't you have a look at a map of Japan. There are tons of them on the web. Anyway, Japanese town/village names are usually the same as company's or people's names.

About Tohoku, I recommend you Alan Booth's book Looking for the lost. A third of the book is about rural Tsugaru in Aomori prefecture.
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