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Does anyone know about/live near here?


Go to Japan.
6 Apr 2004
The hotel ive had reserved in Japan is the -

Kichizyouzi Daiichi Hotel
Post code 180-004
2-4-14 Honchou Kichizyouzi Musashino City
Tel 0422 21 4411

Does anyone know about this area or even live around there? Ill be spending just short of 2 weeks there and will have most evenings free as of yet. Most importantly to me, is there any street racing/drifting around there? And is there any areas that I shouldnt go to?
Thanks budd.
I cant find the hotel anywhere? Any ideas on where i could see where I will be staying? It didnt seem to be on the last link.
There was a few different Dai'ichi hotels, what does this mean?
Thanks budd! Looks like a fairly nice place anyway 😄
The check in/out times might be a bit of a pain if I go for a ride around the C1 though. Isnt that around 3am sunday morning?
Yea sorry. The DVD i have which talks about the C1 has the races as 3:00am Sunday. Is that about right? If so, ill have to check out at midnight and come back to the hotel at 2pm sunday. Ah well, three shopping places nearby.
afaik (AFAIK -- could be wrong), trains don't run after 12 am in the morning

email the establisment about it beforehand?
also, i think it's because they don't want other guests to be disturbed
promising to be as quiet ap may help them ease the rule?
np on the links

okay, read it again
sounds like a plan i guess. when i went to loop last month, i messed around in am/pm and various other combinis walking back from ueno to minami-senju
i don't think i got in before 12 pm that afternoon
somehow helpdesk guy knew. he was like "ooohhhh! you stay out all night! baaaaad..."
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Haha yea, very naughty!
I dont think id be needing the trains anyway. As you say, I wont get back till mid sunday so that will be ok.
Did you find the local guys that race and show off their cars friendly? Will I be able to walk upto em and ask questions or will they be annoyed at my crappy attempt at speaking Japanese?
And is it safe to walk around in the evenings seeing whats around if I find myself in the hotel with nothing to do?
Kichijoji is a popular town in tokyo and famous for its shopping area and a beautiful park(Inokashira-kouen).

カードローン 申込み 案内サーチ

Shopping area:
カードローン 申込み 案内サーチ

And you can get much info about Kichijoji in this blog: joji.com.com.com
They say they have English version, but it is mere a machine-translated version indeed.

As for street racing/drifting around Kichijoji, sorry I don't know anything. But I know an AZ racers/drifters site and some of them are living in Japan. So you may ask them about it.

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