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Does anyone know a site that I can go to that will actually HELP me learn Kana


29 Jan 2003
:) I need to find a site that has TESTS similiar to this forum, ive been to Japanese tutor and LOADS of others but that was for people who knew about 300 kanji, I know one. Oni . HELP.
you go here http://www.fstream.net/~akira/project/download/ print the wallpapers and write all of them so many times that you will never forget, hint romajii - Kana works better than kana-romajii, also moce flashcards. But writing them so much times you cannot ever forget them is the key, and yes kana can be the most strenous and tiring thing about learning Japanese, kanji was a lot eaiser to me because words are easier to remember than sounds but Just keep writhing them, give yourself tests, write the romajii and make a test with the sound in romajii and then writ in the kana, eventually you will get 100 percent, then move onto the next sesion untill you are done and yes, learning kana is the worst thing of learning Japanese, I agree to that 100%
^ what i was going to say
at LEAST fifty times each is the minimum
peace and good luck
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