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Does anyone here animate?

3 Jan 2004
Hi im duo. i write stories and draw characters for them and i was wondering if any of you would be interested in animating the into anime or maybe just sketching some stuff for me.
my stories are set in a place similar to feudal japan. some of my characters are youkai like inuyasha and sesshoumaru and some are swordsmen.
what exactly do you mean?
I can try (if I find time) to do some sketching for you if you want... if it's just that... ^^ I really love to draw...
that would be fine. i like to see how others percieve my characters. from this story i dont have any characters drawn yet if you want to read it and see what you can make of it.
it is at fictionpress.com under READ THIS i think
if not look under penname me-the-shinigami
it is the only one that is not a poem
yes you told me that toshi
im sorry for ignoring you
i did it twice huh?
hope i did not hurt your feelings
i have been busy learning japanese on line and i keep forgeting
hope you will forgive me🙂
I can try.. I can't animate... i've tried flash and i just ended up sleeping and throwing a book at my cousin... >.<
O.O throwing a book at your cousin?! did your cousin annoy you?

anyway... yes, I'll go look! but I've got to study very hard now, so it will take longer till I get it... ^^
yay i have friends

👍 👏 :p :D 🙂 ;) :) 😄 okay i did that and once again it was fun
Thank You !!!!
my wonderful team of animaters
i never thought so many would be willing
im so happy
you know i really would have animated it myself but i dont have much to work with and it never turns out right

ive never been called that before. heh heh
i don't really know.
um, i have no money so i hope you weren't hoping for a paycheck.
i you want to work for fun though, i have some really sucky stories i could spiff up if you want to try animating those.
i have one thats almost all action scenes or you could try the one on fictionpress.com that is all dialog so far and should not be too hard to practice with.
Yeah I realized no paycheck, kekeke, and its not like i'm some professional animater... err scratch that... artist lol
yeah, neither am I some professional artist... ^^
ah... I tried looking for this story the other day... but I didn't quite get where it was... will look again today...
btw, I wrote one story too... but it's sooo confusing...

-found it!
i will put my rough draft of the other story up today and ill try to get.....[scratches head]...what was i saying? oh well talk to ya lter
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