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Does anybody have pictures of gackt before surgery?

Plastic, dur. =P

Look for pictures of him with early Malice Mizer. In fact, I think he looked normal until about... a little before the release of Rebirth? It's not hard to find pictures.

I am not sure if this picture is before the surgery but he seems pretty different:
You know... looking at that picture, it seems like his nose is different as well as his lips. AND YOU CAN SEE BEARD STUBBLE! That's a rarity. First time I've ever seen it on him.
I think this picture is just a case of bad lighting and lack of make up. It's seems he's getting flowers from a fan, so it must be from after his Malice Mizer period (or at least post Voyage Sans Retour).
Oh yes, it's definitely MM-era. It's probably from a FC newsletter of theirs, sometime during the Merveilles tour? He's wearing the Illuminati costume under his jacket, so it was after a concert.

You guyz are retarded!! Gackt never had plastic surgery!! Gackt looks are his own! maybe you're just jealous!! I'm mad at you!!
and you Illa! why are so so mean all the time? :( the people that take the MM pix are just retarded! the cant take pix! plus! damnit...he "was" once younger ya know!!! he IS about 30 now..... geez

*mumbling to self* ..... .... poor baby Gackto-san~~ :smoke:
*Angelic_Marionette* said:

you guys are retarded!! Gackt never had plastic surgery!! Gackt's looks are his own! maybe you're just jealous!! I'm mad at you!!

I agree - I don't think Gackt has ever had surgery. He's beautiful all on his own ^__^

i've NEVER read ANYTHING about gackt having surgery..

plus the differences aren't that freakin big..

gawd.. u act like he got a michael jackson nose or something.. XP
I don't think he got platic surgery either, I mean sure their are signs but as people have said I think its happened over time. I mean if you can't really offer any proof its kind of a dead end discussion, you know? But as for what Angelic Marionette said(i'll quote)

*Angelic_Marionette* said:
grrrrrr :auch:

you guyz are retarted!! Gackt never had plastic sergury!! Gackts looks are his own! maybe your just jelous!! im mad at you!!

What's with the insults? If you're gonna try to make these people think they're wrong YOU have to offer more of a reason and take it seriously, I can't say calling people retards and accusing them of being jealous is really gonna help your case. I say just let it go, no one is offering much reason other then "look at the change" and its not proving anything for either side, so what the use causing these arguments? I mean no offense but its stupid. :mad:
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i don't care how was gackt,important is how is he right now (present no past),and i love his voice,thats more important...

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i lubb gackt..

and quite honestly, i can't see much of a change.. the only change that i see is gackt getting older..

i love his music and i love him.. he is very pretty.. whether its by means of plastic surgery or not...

he's still gackt to me..
I agree with necrozombie, I can only assume 99% of the people in this thread right here like Gackt, whether plastic surgery or not, he's him, but fans like to know whats going on. Trivial information is just something fans tend to gather for the sake of whatever. But on the lines of that, knowing if the idol had plastic surgery or not could be important to fans focusing more on his looks and the photoshoots and the media publicity, rather then enjoying his music, and if that were the case I see every right why they would wonder and how knowing he had platic surgery or not could effect their overall outlook on him; making him, in a way, a different Gackt.

Hien said:
i don't care how was gackt,important is how is he right now (present no past),and i love his voice,thats more important...

if somebody is interesting to chat whit somebody who likes anime,j-music,l'arc~en~ciel,hyde,gackt,malice mizer,lareine,dir en grey,moi dix mois, visual,gothic lolita etc... contactme ...i have msn

What I have to say to that is you're OBVIOUSLY a Malice Mizer fan, now you say Gackt in his past isn't important, and you seem to stress that allot. So tell me then when you listen to Malice Mizer are you listening to them before Gackt when they whats-his-name or after when they had Klaha? Because in liking Malice Mizer you like them as a whole and each person is part of that whole, and if you liked them with Gackt then you very well indeed appreciate Gackt's past. You can say its not important but then tell me why are you a Malice Mizer fan? No offense intended, just curious.
Akaishais not that i'm not interesting with the past of gackt,..i'm saying that for me is not important what he do with his self,i now peope who says''i dont like gackt because he had a surgery''..that's why i said that,and yes i guess you were right i'm a malice mizer fan,i love gackt a lot!!..i like his muisc (obvius)..that's all..that answer your question??..and finally yes i stil love malice mizere when klaha join in,i have to admit that he has a pretty voice..i appreciate Gackt's past...obvius--.
that's all..that answer your question??
Hien, well now its a bit more understandable what you meant. But its understandable wy one would say they didn't like gackt because he has surgery, I mean if this guy is everywhere then fans may base their opinion on his looks, and some people prefer natural tallent and natural beauty. So if he got surgery, they have every right to dislike him.
i respect that people dislike gackt for his surgery ''natural beauty' how u say,...every thing is ok,now?
Four simple things.

I've seen probably the worst pictures of the guy available, and quite frankly, I don't see the big deal. There's at least one picture of him in high school, and...well, there's really not much of a difference, except he seems to have loosened up. And come on, if he was so into plastic surgery, why doesn't he do something about his so-called current nose? I definitely think that it would be the first thing he should fix. I...don't find it very attractive. Or, just as well, do something about that jaw structure he's got. Apparently there is a consensus that he got surgery after MM, but ok, let's just take, say, the Illuminati PV from '98. Quite simply put, he looks exactly the same; personally I think he looked better in it than he has since going solo. o_O Then let's look at a Le Ciel live video that I have, also from '98. Um...not a difference, except age. Or even better, if you really want, I can share a video advertising the addition of Gackt to MM in '95. Um...can we say, no physicial difference?

As for bad pictures, doesn't every artist have those? A popular one seems to be the one with Gackt in semi-dark light with his arms up. Excuse me, how bad is the lighting in that picture? And may I add that he seems to have no make-up on whatsoever? How many men YOU know have flawless skin?

And let's be real. How many mainstream, popular artists NEVER change the way they look from the day they were born to the day they die? By change I don't mean just surgery, but styling, different ways to do make-up, body toning, everything. A person can be average-looking to start with, never be on an operating table once, and a year later look like a movie star.

Even if it was plastic surgery, would that really be something to hold against anyone? How many Japanese artists have never had plastic surgery? You think we have a high rate in the US? You'd be blown away by the number in Japan. Let's face it; people like to see a pretty face. To be ascetically pleasing has become, sadly, tightly fused with what it is to be a popular celebrity. Really, how many unattractive people have recently made it as widely-known actors or singers? If you were to dislike an artist just for having surgery, then my dear, I'm afraid you would have severely limited options.

I really think that Gackt's improvements in looks comes mostly from the way he presents himself, and his public image of a rich, famous, somewhat taciturn player who took into consideration the lack of economic stability of his overseas Taiwanese fans and made it so his CDs are affordable to them. And besides, he gets regular phone calls from Hyde and Yoshiki. ^^'

Just my, uh, four cents.
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