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Do you write poems or songs?


30 Sep 2003
So, do you?
I write somtimes, but they all come out so really weird.. I like putting in the wrods: cry, fly, sky etc. in them! ^^
Mayura: Hey! I wrote a song with similar rhymes to that!;) lol

...."you've got me flying, I'm far from crying, boy, I'm not lying, to you"...(etc)
i write songs

what kind of songs i write depends on my mood,
mostly from my own experiences

some love songs,
some songs about dreams,
sometimes write things about other things in life,like friendships,
sometimes bash against governments and society
i wrtie songs and stuff i dont think of them as poems but lyrics are a form of poetry i guess. i have written a lot but only about 5/6 that i think are good i have also written a few grumsoms horror stories which my freinds all thought were great they kept on complimenting me on the rich vocabulary i use in them
I write poems usually whem I'm down, sometimes when I'm happy. I realized too that I have a way of writing poems that I repeat and also like to use certain words. Guess its just our style.
There were times i used to write allot.
Most of the times i wrote poems, but sometimes i wrote story's.
Both are cool to write, but at the moment...i just don't have any inspiration neither i have time :(

The love i have with my girlfriend is all known...we both know what we feel...i never had troubles to write about my love...but this time...i have the feeling no words are able to express my feelings for her... :s

But ok lol...what was i thinking :/ YES i write sometimes :D that's a answer...isn't it ^^
I've written poetry as well as song lyrics. But my songs all sound like country songs.

I've published numerous articles in Muscle Mag International, a Canada-based bodybuilding magazine.
Yes, I learned of that site through a friend as well. They tell you your poetry has been "selected" for publication, etc., but the reality is, they say that to everyone. But my philosophy about that is, so what?! At least they will publish it for free, and how many places will do that? It's not bad. I have several poems there.
I started to write poems again about six months ago after a long silence. I forgot how relaxing it is for me.
Maybe someone should start a thread of poems, where everyone contributes their poetry. Just a thought ...
Kevin - well... yeah, it sounds like an answer...

Satori - no, I wasn't aware of that site... ^^; yeah, some ppl sshould post some poems or songs here! ^^

Gaki - my stuff always turns out not to make sense too, so I think it's quite normal?

I usually write poems or stories, but I once tried to write a "song" but it's so weird... T-T

A "poem" type thing here I wrote the other day! ^^ (it's a bit weird and doesn't make much sense though..) :

The wind blows,
The river flows,
It窶冱 peaceful,
As I fall asleep,
There comes a creep,
Hits my head,
And I am dead窶ヲ
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I try to write country songs. You know the type that can take your away or just rip your heart out when you hear them. Some day I hope to hear one of my songs on the radio, but I don't think I'm that good. I also write short stories.
i wrote some lyrics already and have lots of unfinished ones lying around here...
at the moment i'm busy writing some poems cos i decided to write one for everyone of my friends as a christmas present... i really hope they'll like the idea. *sigh*
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