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Question Do you think that I look part Japanese?


18 Aug 2019
I would not be surprised if you said that you said that I do not look Japanese at all or even Asian. I just wanted to know if I even look a little bit such as even just 1% or even 20%. The reason I am asking is because a couple of people (one time in the United States and one time when I visited Japan ) Anyways, I am pretty sure all of the answers are probably going to be something like "No, not at all." I am going to have someone else read the replies to this thread first before I decide about reading them. Thank you for your responses.

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Obviously, from what you have written, you have a strong emotional investment in the answer to this question. However, I am unable to tell if it is your hope that you do look Asian, or that you don't.

My candid assessment is: you definitely look part Asian to me -- well over 1%. I can't say if it is specifically Japanese or not, but that is definitely a possibility.
Definitely a bit. It's all relative. You certainly look more Japanese than me with my (non-dyed) blonde hair!
Going by the nose and eyes , I would say "not at all" , but your black hair might make you look Asian from the back. Funny when I look at you , you look to me to be a big tough guy who would scare me a bit. I bet you would be good in sports. A handsome young man like you should have lots of girlfriends I bet.
I showed my photo to my son (age 12, mixed race English and Japanese) without asking him any leading questions and he thought you were American. Did you look Asian? After a bit of thinking he said 'chotto ne' (a bit). I think some combinations of facial features may make people appear as if they have some genes that they don't actually have.
According to my mother, my grandfather spent a lot of time in Japanese ports before the war (he was a seaman) and was very taken with Japanese women. When he returned to Britain, he ended up marrying my grandmother, who happened to be petite, have dark hair and more pointed eyes than the average woman from Essex despite having no Asian blood in the family in the previous few generations. What I'm saying is that I don't make any conclusions about having a slightly Asian appearance. Also, Japanese people can sometimes say odd things about appearances, I've been told that I look like Harry Potter and I definitely don't!
I think that if You will start doing some exercising, You may lose some weight and may look little japanese ...
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